Burning Rubber - 6 Essential Aftermarket Additions to Pimp Your Car

Car LED lights.png

If you love your car to the point where it’s replaced the dog as man’s best friend, listen up. You most likely already know that your stock-standard vehicle is only in its beginning stages. Just like Lego, you can build it up, modify it, and alter it to suit your needs and desires. If you don’t believe your love affair with all things automotive has gone far enough, it’s time to pull out the credit card and jump headfirst into the world of modifications. Don’t say enough is enough until you’ve considered these six essential aftermarket additions for your pride and joy:


LED Driving Lights

If your love for vehicles extends to using them in the wilderness, it might be time to consider purchasing LED driving lights. Most standard vehicle headlights are not bright enough for full coverage in challenging terrain, so it could be time to call in the big guns. LED lights for driving give your factory headlights a helping hand while delivering over 10,000 lumens per lamp in many cases.


Cold Air Intake Kit

If your vehicle already features all manner of go-fast bits, then a cold air intake kit will be the icing on the cake. Not only does it deliver an increase in performance while looking attractive under the hood, it also makes a striking sound when drawing in air. What’s more, you’ll find there are a whole host of other benefits associated with their installation.


Turbo Kits

Turbo kits are the crème de la crème of aftermarket parts. In fact, if you were considering adding something new to your car, a turbo kit is one of the best places to start. The most obvious benefit is that the average turbo engine’s fuel consumption is far lower than that of a typical naturally aspirated motor. Even though you’re benefiting from better performance, you’re also using the energy that a standard engine would typically waste.


Auxiliary Gauges

Most new cars hitting the market come with a couple of gauges and enough information to tell you that your vehicle is still functioning properly. However, the more modifications you make, the more complex the internal operations are, which means you need to make sure they’re working in harmony at all times. To do that, you need auxiliary gauges. As well as looking fantastic in any car, they also alert you to oil pressure, coolant temperature, and other vital stats.


Limited Slip Differential

If you’ve ever tried taking off at full speed on a wet road, you’ll know the red-faced feeling of skidding and not getting anywhere fast. However, if you take out that regular differential and replace it with a limited slip diff, the change will feel revolutionary. A standard diff works by pushing the torque of the engine to the wheels with as little resistance as possible. A limited slip diff, however, splits the power between both front wheels, allowing more force from your take-off point.


Big Brakes

If you’ve fitted large aftermarket wheels, it only seems natural to accompany them with big brakes. Big brakes look striking on any car, especially when paired with a set of low-profile tires. Looks aside, they also help to improve your stopping power – especially if you’ve already installed a lot of speed modifications.


While there’s nothing wrong with a factory standard vehicle, adding a personal touch to your wheels can take it to the next level. If you want your car to stand out from the crowd while performing at its best, consider any of these six aftermarket additions above.