What Emergency Tools Do You Need in Your Car At All Times?


When you’re driving, you have to be prepared for emergencies.

Safety and sensibility are crucial, but you may still find yourself in a tough situation.

Below, we explore the emergency tools you need to keep in your car at all times. Hopefully, you won’t need them — but preparation is vital.



A breakdown, collision or shattered headlight won’t wait to happen at the most convenient time.

Any of these (and many more problems) can occur while you’re driving in the middle of the night, in an unfamiliar setting. If this happens to you, a flashlight can make all the difference between being able to do what you have to properly and being helpless.

Today’s smartphones feature high-quality flashlights but these may not be bright enough for the task at hand. Invest in a flashlight that has a magnet, so you can stick it to the car for hands-free work.

Carry spare batteries too. You never know how long you might have to keep the flashlight running.


Tire pressure gauge

Checking your tire pressure on a regular basis is vital to avoid over- or under-inflating them. Either extreme can increase your chances of a blow out or premature wear.

Your tires’ treads and your gas mileage will be improved if you keep the pressure at optimal levels too.

Set a routine for checking your tire pressure with your gauge, so it becomes a habit. If you’re planning to drive on a long trip, use the tire pressure gauge before you set out. You don’t want to find your tires running flat halfway through your journey.


Emergency escape hammer

The thought of being trapped in your car is terrifying, especially if it’s flooding with water or catching fire.

You need to get out as soon as possible, but what can you do if you can’t open a door? An emergency escape hammer — such as a Life Hammer — is a fantastic tool that lets you break a window to climb to safety.

Try to find a model that can cut through seatbelts too. Keep it close to the driver’s seat and within easy reach. This tool can be a literal lifesaver in a serious situation and are well worth the investment.


Duct tape

Duct tape is an outstanding tool to keep in your car. This can be used to patch up holes in hoses, prevent further breakage on cracked headlights and more.

Buy a few rolls and keep them within reach.


Jumper cables

Jumper cables are a classic tool no car should be without.

A dead battery can completely disable your vehicle, but jumper cables can help you get back in action until you find a replacement battery.

Invest in heavy-gauge cables outfitted with quality spring-loaded clamps to ensure stable connections. This may cost you a little more money than a basic option but will be worth it in the long run if you find your battery running out of juice.


Tire chains

Tire chains can make a huge impact on your car’s safety in icy or snowy conditions. They reduce slipperiness on surfaces and let you drive in challenging conditions with more confidence.

Be sure you read up on how to fit them, though, so you can do so with minimal hassle on the road.


Ice scraper

Don’t leave home without your ice scraper in winter. Scraping ice off your windows is essential for maximum visibility.

A good quality scraper can save time and frustration of trying to use something not made for the task.

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