Can You Use Cannabis And Still Be A Good Parent?

The subject of drugs use is one which every parent has to deal with as their children approach their teenage years. Teaching children about the dangers of drug use has never been more complicated, due in part to the availability of and legalization of cannabis in many countries across the world. If it is legal for you as an adult to use it, then many teens will argue that as a parent you are being a hypocrite by damning its use even though you are a user.

That is not to say that the under 21s can use it legally, but we all know that somehow, teens are seemingly able to get their hands on pot by unlawful means, it has been happening for generations I most communities across the USA.

As at the date of writing, 9 USA States have legalized the purchase of recreational marijuana from commercial online sites like which have extensive ranges of cannabis-related products. These states are:










Illinois (has passed a legalization bill that comes into effect in January 2020)

With these sweeping reforms, the cannabis industry is booming, with many of the industry’s largest businesses employing branding agency Cannabis Promotions to expand their marketing through the supply of custom branded cannabis, marijuana, and smoke-related items

Interestingly, another state, Vermont, restricts its residents from to actually buying recreational weed anywhere; but they can grow it at home using specially designed hydroponic and soil growing systems for home use from

Where do these changes leave you as a parent who uses or who wishes to use cannabis in regard to your children?

Traditionally, parents have hidden their marijuana use form their children, so the issue has not arisen. The legalization has brought the conversation that many parents do not want to have into center stage, out in the open. Legalization of pot will make it far easier than ever before to get their hands on it.

In reality, the discussion that a parent will need to have is the same as other legalized addictive products like alcohol and cigarettes. Whatever your views if you use it, then you have to explain the dangers and the health implications for them using it when they reach 21 years old. there are also the legal issues that they will only be able to use it legally in states where it is legal, or else they commit a federal crime. 

Parents have used mind-altering substances like alcohol and cigarettes for generations, and as adults it for us to ensure that we use them responsibly. You need to explain to your children that these are not substances that are good for young children, and nor is marijuana.

Try to give them the straight facts do your research, and the facts that these substances hinder the development of the young brain, and that studies have shown that regular teen cannabis use was directly attributed to an IQ loss of between 6 to 8 points on test subjects who were monitored from the ages of 13 to 38 years of age.

Whatever your views, and whether you choose to use cannabis, you have a responsibility to your children to teach them, not to scare them, and so stick to accurate facts and listen to what they have to say on the subject and find out what they know. That way you’ll be able to guide them safely through the temptations of adolescence in these difficult times.