Should You Trust Online Weed Sellers?

The cannabis industry is booming all over North America, with an increasing number of states (ten) legalizing the sale of marijuana for recreational use by adults over 21 years of age, and a total of 33 states legalizing the sale of medical marijuana and cannabis infused products. It is clear that this trend will continue, with this boom – consider these facts.

The legal U.S.  marijuana industry was estimated as being worth a whopping t $10.4 billion in 2018. More than 250,000 jobs are devoted to the handling of plants, according to New Frontier Data. The industry is working hard to present a more legitimate image to consumers, and pushing to become more organized in its business practices. Marijuana companies raised $13.8 billion in funding in 2018, according to cannabis industry research firm Viridian Capital Advisors.

A s the boom continues, cannabis sellers have been upping their online presence and sellers like Cannabisserie have designed uber-optimized e-commerce websites which employ safety features to ensure that they only sell to people who supply government issued picture ID and verification of age.

Other sites present a trendier image, aimed at younger users, with cannabis edibles, candies and concentrates, examples of which you can find here

The safety of the online sites will undoubtedly reflect the attitude of the marketplace to which it sells, especially if you consider that the percentage of adults between 50 to 64 years old reporting marijuana use has doubled in the past ten years to 9% and during the same period use among adults 65 and older has increased seven times during the same period to nearly 3%. 

This is not a consumer base who would accept dubious trade practices, and with legalization and governmental licensing, it is far simpler to find out who is behind the store.

Also, with the internet, you should easily be able to research any online store – there are a multitude of online forums and groups for marijuana buyers, and you’ll be able to check the quality and reliability of the products very easily.   

Look for accurate descriptions of the products and do not be afraid to ask for references, so you can make easy decisions as to what strain or concentrate of product would suit your usage requirements.

The other advantage of buying online is that once you have done your due diligence, you will have a reliable, safe source of product, which is likely to cost far less than buying from a dispensary (which will have higher overheads which will be passed over to you in the price you pay). Most sites provide subscriber loyalty programs which give you discounts and flash sales. 

In addition, a dubious online cannabis store has every incentive to provide good products and service, because online reviews are essential for success – Google and Yelp ratings can quickly sink an formerly successful cannabis e-commerce store, so make sure that you check those out too.

Check your law

In the USA, many parcels can get intercepted under suspicion of drug trafficking. Always double check how your product is shipped securely, and also do due diligence to ensure that your product is not shipped illegally across states where marijuana is still illegal. So buy your product from sites that are licensed and operated in your state where it is legal to buy marijuana, or you could find yourself in trouble with the federal government. If in doubt, consult a specialist lawyer.

In conclusion, provided you take sensible precautious, you can buy your cannabis safely and legally from online sellers with confidence.