Considering A Career Change? These Are The Best Paying Industries Right Now


Finding a career that you’re passionate about is important but as you get older, you might have to face some hard truths. The job that you love isn’t necessarily going to pay that well. There might be opportunities to move up and earn better money but if not, you might have to think about moving into a different industry. When you’ve got a family and a mortgage to pay for, they have to be your priority. If you’re struggling to pay the bills because you aren’t earning enough at your current job, it’s time to start looking at a career with a higher salary. These are the best paid industries right now.


IT Services


Computers are a central part of everybody’s lives and all businesses rely heavily on them. But they’re also prone to breaking regularly and the threat of cyber-attacks is constantly looming over us. If a business’s computer systems go down, they’re going to lose a lot of money. That’s why IT services are so essential. But that technology developed so fast and education struggled to keep up, so there is a lack of trained professionals in the IT industry. Education practices are changing and the number of people studying for a computer sciences degree is on the rise, but there is still plenty of jobs in IT services. If you retrain, you could get all sorts of different jobs in the IT industry. You can work for a business maintaining their computers and protecting them from online threats. You can also find work as a software developer, writing new applications for one of the many new companies.



Engineering is one of the most popular degree subjects at the minute because there are all sorts of high paying jobs available. If you get an engineering degree, you can work in the public or private sector as an engineer, but if you’re not a science minded person, you can still work in the industry. If you do a masters of engineering management, you can get a supervisory role in the engineering field. Instead of doing the hands on engineering jobs, you’ll manage a team of engineers and oversee their projects. The salary for those roles is still incredibly competitive and should pay enough to provide for your family.




Industry 3.png

Healthcare is one of those industries that will always do well. People always need healthcare after all. It’s also a well-paid career because there is a lot of stress and hard work involved. At this stage in your life, training as a doctor probably isn’t an option. It’s going to take a lot of time and money that you probably don’t have to spare. But there are plenty of other jobs in the healthcare industry that still pay a good salary. If you’re looking for an administrative role, you shouldn’t have to retrain. But if you want a medically focused role, you’ll have to go back into education.


When you’re struggling to pay all of the bills, you should consider a career move into one of these high paying industries.