Cristiano Ronaldo Displays 'Dad-Dancing' Skills In New Advert

Launching his new range of footwear, Cristiano Ronaldo proves that grace and athleticism on the pitch do not necessarily translate into a winning performance on the dancefloor.

Via Telegraph Men, video source CR7 Footwear

He’s famous the world over for his fancy footwork and eye-watering athleticism. His step-overs have captivated viewers young and old, while his legs are said to be insured for over £90 million.

He has the physique of a male model, his self-confidence knows no bounds, and his life is the envy of men, and women, across the globe.

So what a relief it is to discover that Cristiano Ronaldo is a pretty terrible dancer.

While the Real Madrid star is able to shimmy around opposition defenders with ease, and glide across the pitch with the grace of a young Nureyev, the video above suggests that when it comes to dancing he has all the natural elegance of a drunk accountant at the office Christmas party.

The 30-year-old father-of-one has been displaying his dad-dancing skills in a new advert for a range of footwear under his CR7 label.

The new collection features a variety of smart work shoes and casual loafers.

Earlier this month it was reported that the player’s sponsor, Nike, asked him to withdraw a line of trainers from the collection due to concerns about a potential conflict of interest.

"Launching my own smart footwear collection is a dream come true," Ronaldo says of his latest project. "I'm very proud that our CR7 footwear collection uses only the finest locally sourced materials with designs hand-crafted in Portugal by a team of truly talented craftsmen."