Cruelty Free Skin Care Products You Need


In today's world, skin care products are becoming very popular. Skin care brands are springing up daily, flooding the markets and stores with their skin care products and competing against each other to remain relevant.

One notable thing is that most of these brands have decided to take up ethical practices such as not testing their skin care products in animals; this is how we came about our cruelty free skin care products you need.

So what are cruelty free skin care products?


They are those beauty products that were not initially tested on animals to determine their potency.

The act of testing these products on animals is fast fading away. Although some places are still in the practice but in most places, the law stands against it. In the EU for instance, a law was passed in 2013, banning the practice and making it illegal to test any skin care products on animals. Other brands outside the EU are also allowed to sell their products in the EU only if they passed the cruelty-free test.

In contrast, in China, all products sold there — whether produced there or imported there — must be tested on animals before they can be sold in the country. In the US, there is no definite law standing for or against the practice, and that gives beauty brands a loophole to do as they please.

That said, there are different types of cruelty free beauty products but we are going to be talking about the cruelty free skin care products, cruelty free toner, cruelty free Argan Oil Shampoo.

Some of the producers of these cruelty free products describe their beauty products as vegan friendly. Vegan friendly in the sense that they are produced only with organic ingredients.

Without further ado, let's get down to business to know what these cruelty free skin care products you need.

1. Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum
This is a cruelty free product and its producers do not use any of the suspicious 6 ingredients: silicones, drying alcohol, chemical screens, sodium lauryl sulphate, essential oils and fragrance/dyes.

2. Lush Sex Bomb
This company follows a strict policy against animal testing and also does not partner with suppliers in the practice. Stated on their website is their policy to use their buying power to support like-minded businesses that share the same ideas to produce cruelty free products.

3. Indie Lee Squalene Special Oil
Indie Lee is backed by animal protection groups numbering up to eight: The Leaping Bunny Program. They set the standard for cruelty free beauty products amongst other companies. They also have a list of products they do not use.

4. Sukin
As is stated on the Sukin website, Sukin, an anti-pollution facial masque is great, 100% vegan friendly and pocket-friendly as well.

5. Lush
This is another cruelty free skin care products that combines a vegan friendly quality. You must know though, that not all their products are vegan friendly. On their website however, they specified the ingredients of each of their cruelty free products and you could easily pick the ones you prefer whether vegan or not.

6. Eluxe

Eluxe, meaning “ethical luxury” is a cruelty free product line of Olychyka. It is a vegan friendly, cruelty free advanced skin care product. Olychyka prides in the make-up of Eluxe which contains natural extracts and rich vitamins that will make your skin soft and glowing. Olychyka has an array of cruelty free skin care products that fight aging looks on your skin, making you look younger. They also have cruelty free products that can keep your hair smooth, soft and restored. It's a cruelty free brand you can trust.

7. Acure
This is a cruelty free toner that combines a vegan friendly quality. Acure is rich in zinc, penetrates the skin and acts as an antiseptic on the skin. It is a perfect remedy for acne and can give you a fresh, clear and healthy skin. This cruelty free toner also contains hazel which is an anti-oxidant with astringent qualities. It fights blemishes and can kill inflammatory tendencies of the skin. It has other ingredients that are good for the skin. Its fragrance is not synthetic. Ultimately, it's a cruelty free toner you'll love to have.


In addition, acure also produces cruelty free Argan Oil Shampoo which contains argan oil, pumpkin seed oil, sea buckthorn oil and CoQ10 that retains moisture in your hair and treats damaged hair. Acure claims that this cruelty free argan oil shampoo leaves your hair healthy, glossy, soft and silky.