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Introducing Sustainable Living To Your Children

Sustainability is a huge focus right now, and it is our children that are leading the charge. Just look at the power and influence that one little girl from Sweden has gained after she took a stand against the business as usual and decided to make a statement. Parents should not wait for their children to take up the mantle of climate activist. It is our job to teach them and lead them, and with this guide, you can easily start to introduce sustainability and sustainable living to your children.

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Cruelty Free Skin Care Products You Need

In today's world, skin care products are becoming very popular. Skin care brands are springing up daily, flooding the markets and stores with their skin care products and competing against each other to remain relevant.
One notable thing is that most of these brands have decided to take up ethical practices such as not testing their skin care products in animals; this is how we came about our cruelty free skin care products you need.

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Environmentally Friendly: 4 Mind-Bending Constructions Materials You've Probably Never Thought About

When you think about construction, you probably think about concrete or wood. From homes to roads and bridges, concrete is all around us. However, concrete isn’t good for the environment since its production releases large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Of course, the building needs to continue but more environmentally friendly and durable materials can be used. Some of the alternatives may surprise you.

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Even If Your Credit Is Thin, Carry Your Credit Cards With A Paper Wallet!

Carrying credit cards with style, convenience and securely is a challenge for any busy dad – so I was really  lucky enough to receive a preview sample of the a new Kickstarter project , the Micro Wallet from  Paperwallet . This is a super new product that has also has a  wonderful mission. Made of Tyvek, the Micro Wallet enables any busy dad to carry up to 8 cards and some cash, securely in a strong enclosure that is only 0.3mm thicker than a standard credit card!

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