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Even If Your Credit Is Thin, Carry Your Credit Cards With A Paper Wallet!

Carrying credit cards with style, convenience and securely is a challenge for any busy dad – so I was really  lucky enough to receive a preview sample of the a new Kickstarter project , the Micro Wallet from  Paperwallet . This is a super new product that has also has a  wonderful mission. Made of Tyvek, the Micro Wallet enables any busy dad to carry up to 8 cards and some cash, securely in a strong enclosure that is only 0.3mm thicker than a standard credit card!

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Why It’s Important To Teach Your Child About Being Green

As a human race, we haven’t exactly been the best guests on planet earth from time to time. As climate change and global pollution levels increase, it’s our responsibility as residents of the earth to slow and eventually reverse the effects of our destructive behaviour. To do this, we begin at home. 

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3 Benefits Of A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats have become popular in recent years, but many people don’t know why they should bother upgrading from their old models to newer ones. Homeowners have unique reasons for installing smart thermostats, but these three are some of the most common reasons that you...

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