Even If Your Credit Is Thin, Carry Your Credit Cards With A Paper Wallet!

Micro Wallet, Paper

Carrying credit cards with style, convenience and securely is a challenge for any busy dad – so I was really  lucky enough to receive a preview sample of the a new Kickstarter project , the Micro Wallet from  Paperwallet .

Paperwallet, Micro Wallet

This is a super new product that has also has a  wonderful mission. Made of Tyvek, the Micro Wallet enables any busy dad to carry up to 8 cards and some cash, securely in a strong enclosure that is only 0.3mm thicker than a standard credit card!

What I like particularly like about the design is that the material is strong enough to resist tearing when inserting and removing your credit cards, and you can use one had to open the fold – really useful when wrangling small children!

I recently had my credit cards card scanned and hacked in a store, so for me it is important that the Micro also the additional reassurance of 360-degree Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) protection for the cards. This means that radio waves are blocked from getting near your credit cards or ID and sending your information to a thief's detector or reader.

cutting edge designs.png

Last but not least, the designs are amazing and the proceeds from the sales go to support artists from across the globe – and finally, a very important benefit to me personally, is that is an environmentally sustainable product, and you can even return used ones to the company and they will recycle it and give you a discount off your next purchase.!

I am using my Micro wallet all the time now (in place of my aged but beloved leather wallet that I cannot fit in my jeans’ pocket), and strongly suggest that you go and find out more about this awesome new product and the Kickstarter campaign current underway.

You’ll may be tempted to buy one or more - but you will not regret it!

By Jim Mckenzie