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Even If Your Credit Is Thin, Carry Your Credit Cards With A Paper Wallet!

Carrying credit cards with style, convenience and securely is a challenge for any busy dad – so I was really  lucky enough to receive a preview sample of the a new Kickstarter project , the Micro Wallet from  Paperwallet . This is a super new product that has also has a  wonderful mission. Made of Tyvek, the Micro Wallet enables any busy dad to carry up to 8 cards and some cash, securely in a strong enclosure that is only 0.3mm thicker than a standard credit card!

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Expect The Unexpected Or Your Wallet's Going To Feel The Brunt Of The Damage

Things might be plain sailing at the moment. However, it’s never a good idea to assume that will always be the case. Especially if you have a family that relies on you. There might be sudden huge costs in home repairs, or you might get injured and find yourself contending with medical bills...

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