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Why It’s Important To Teach Your Child About Being Green

As a human race, we haven’t exactly been the best guests on planet earth from time to time. As climate change and global pollution levels increase, it’s our responsibility as residents of the earth to slow and eventually reverse the effects of our destructive behaviour. To do this, we begin at home. 

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Top Gift Ideas For Men This Christmas [Infographic]

To make life easier for those of you shopping for Christmas gifts for men this year. We have a few suggestions that are sure to inspire you. Every man should have at least one Demin jacket in his wardrobe and there are plenty of different styles...

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5 Gifts For The Dad Who Has It All

When gift cards, wallets, and cologne become far too boring and much less than what your dad truly deserves, consider one of these gift options when deciding how to treat your dad to something special and unique...

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