Gear Up For Safety And Success

Gear Up For Safety And Success

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Hockey is one of the most rough and tough contact sports out there. The players need to be nimble yet strong, speedy yet powerful. Of course, safety is a top priority, and the goalkeeper has even more priorities to make when considering safety in the rink. Perhaps the most important piece of equipment for these teammates are goalie masks. Avoiding a puck to the teeth or forehead is probably on a goalie’s mind throughout every game, so here are some of the pro’s tips for gearing up for safety and success in the hockey rink.

Sizing Up Your Options

You need to make sure goalie masks fit, but sizing can range dramatically from brand to brand. This can make things a bit more confusing and time-consuming, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? So always be sure to try on the mask and fasten it, as well as move around to ensure that the mask won’t slide or fall off during game play. The mask should be hard on the exterior but have ample padding and cushioning on the inside in order to avoid concussions. Make sure that the back of your head is secured and cradled in the mask’s backplate, and test the straps for security.

Decide How Much You’ll Spend

Of course, you will be concerned about the pricing of these goalie masks. The reality is, this type of equipment is most crucial so you really shouldn’t skimp here. You can find a mask that is in the $200 range, but the more advanced and elite ones will cost you upwards of $500. Consider these prices in combination with the other hockey equipment and apparel you need to purchase. Also, read the specifications and stats on each mask you’re considering, which will help you identify key features of the masks. That will help you determine whether or not the price is worth it.

Find The Right Features

One of the most enjoyable parts of choosing a new goalie mask is looking through all of the fabulous options available. New technology and equipment is coming out all the time, which makes hockey apparel more exciting than ever before. For instance, some masks come in fun and interesting designs, shapes, and colors. Aiming to decrease the heaviness of the masks without sacrificing on safety, many manufacturers are experimenting with new materials and components. A vast array of shells and padding is available, so read up on the options and get started on your search.

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