Ways To Help A New Dad Feel Like Himself Again

Ways To Help A New Dad Feel Like Himself Again

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When a new bundle of joy arrives in the world, most of the focus naturally goes to the new born baby and mother. But what about the father? He’s done all the heavy lifting for the last few months. He’s lost circulation in his hand during labor and has many sleepless nights ahead of him. This and so much more means that the new dad deserves some serious credit, and also a good deal of love and support too.

Something that many Dads report feeling is a slight loss of who they were before. Like the mom, their life suddenly revolves around another person. We give new moms special pamper packs, and cook her delicious dinners to give her a night off cooking. But what about the Dad? What can we do for him to get him back to himself? To remind him that he is still an important part of his new life!

Give Him A Night Off

If you’re the mom, you may well be in charge of who gets nights off and when. When your baby is still very young, the chances are that you’ll both want to be at home all the time. Especially if it’s your first baby, you may be a little nervous. Having him and his support may be a great help. However, once your confidence grows, or at least your baby grows, give him a night off. Tell him to get out of the house and get back to the gym. Or organize for a few of his friends to come and pick him up and take him to bar. If he’s nervous, reassure him that you’re fine with him going out, and that you won’t hesitate to call him. If your baby is still little, he may not want to leave the little man or little lady for long. But even if he takes an hour out of the house to do something he used to enjoy, it will be worth it.

Help Him Update His Wardrobe

The clothes he wears when a new dad might not seem that important. But actually, the items we wear can give us a great deal of confidence. The stress of the last few months might even have caused him to either lose or gain weight. So some of his old things might not fit him so well anymore. If he is soon to be finishing his Paternity leave and returning to work, let him return in style with a custom-made suit. Michaelandrewsbespoke.com are one company who can provide him with exactly this. For smaller budgets, how about a funny pair of socks to wear on his first day back. If he’s worried about missing his baby when he does go back, how about framing one of his favorite photographs of your new little bundle of joy?

By giving him some time off, and supporting his return to work, you will quickly see him return to his old self. Chances are he’ll return the favor and help you do the same yourself!

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