The Best Way To Stay Safe On The Job

The Best Way To Stay Safe On The Job

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Do you work in the construction or metalworking industry? Then you probably know just how dangerous your work can be. Day after day you are faced with obstacles and machines that can threaten your stability and security, and with danger lurking sometimes just around the corner, you need to know that you are protected in the best way possible. Merlin “T” Series Safety Light Curtains are the only choice if you want to ensure the highest level of safety in your workplace. Once you learn more about these high-quality curtains, you will see that no factory or machine-powered workplace should be without them.

What Are They?

These state-of-the-art curtains are actually more than meets the eye. Merlin “T” Series Safety Light Curtains use opto-electric technology to sense nearby objects around them. They are a wonderful safety precaution to put to use in a variety of industries, particularly those that use heavy machinery and equipment. Each curtain is a great safety device that is easy to read, and provides noticeable improvement in the protection of your employees and staff. Professionals choose to utilize these light curtains around areas of the office, building, or factory that can pose a serious hazardous risk to workers.

Who Needs Them?

As we mentioned, there is a lot of versatility when it comes to Merlin “T” Series Safety Light Curtains. They are a crucial component to creating a secure and protected environment in the medical and healthcare field, the construction sector, as well as a wide range of other industries. Of particular application are manufacturing plants, which are often teeming with dangerous and threatening obstacles and environments. Each light-sensing curtain detects nearby metalworking equipment and other risky materials. This keeps employees and staff safe and fully aware of their surroundings.

How Do They Work?

In the simplest terms, a safety light curtain works by utilizing its Transmitter and Receiver components to alert you and your employees to any infrared light beams that are in your area. This is imperative because these light beams are invisible to the naked eye. In the case that working conditions are safe and secure, your machinery will continue to operate as normal, but once the curtains detect an infrared light beam, they will send a signal to the machinery to halt operations and movement. This is in order to protect the machines, equipment, and people from any possible collisions and obstacles.

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