Get More From Your Garage

Get More From Your Garage

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Let’s hear it for the humble garage. It’s that square box that sits outside your house or may even be a part of your home. The idea is that you keep your car in it. But why not think about it in more creative ways? Cars, after all, don't need a room of their own these days. Most are just fine parked outside, or even under a carport. A garage is potentially another useful room in your house and in fact with a little imagination could fulfill any number of purposes. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

Get More From Your Garage

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Home Office

Looking for a space to start your business? Why not consider moving it into the garage? A garage can be easily converted. Walls can be lined and insulated. As most garages already have a power source, it is straightforward to connect all the plug sockets that you need. Extra light can be brought in by fitting a roof light or Velux style window into the roof itself. Garage floors are usually concrete. These can be polished to great effect, or simply laid with any finish that you like from tiles to a carpet. Overhead doors can be left in place or replaced with a variety that has a built in separate opening door. The room could be heated easily with slimline electric wall heaters. With your desk in place and some funky office furniture, you’ll be able to set yourself up nicely and open for business.

Build A Better Workshop

Why not establish your garage as the ultimate workshop? You could really set up shop here in ultimate man cave style. Your garage could be the place that you start to build those awesome dream projects for the kids. You could even turn your hand to furniture making or restoration. Start with creating the great sturdy workbench. This needs to be able to take a lot of punishment so make it as rigid as possible. Beginner home workshop essentials include having the right tools available. You will also need great shelving and storage solutions. Make sure that you install adequate lighting and also have the right safety equipment to hand such as a fire extinguisher.

Build Your Own Fitness Studio

Why not take your health and fitness into your hands and fit out a gym? The garage is the ideal space for this transformation. You can make it as basic or as high-tech as you like. You can always hire gym gear if you are not too sure if you want to make a big investment. But the garage will easily be able to take the cycling machine, cross trainer or even a complex bench press and lifting set up. If you installed a sprung floor, you could create more of a yoga studio feel or even a dance studio. With a little imagination, you could install wall mirrors and even a bar. You could get enterprising and fit out a shower room. How about an infra red sauna?

When you think about it the garage is anything but a small, cluttered and dreary box. You just have to simply give it a little thought and imagination and that box could well become the dad cave of your dreams.

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