Why Dads Must Live A Sustainable Family Lifestyle Now!

Mother Earth is in real trouble right now from climate change, pollution and environmental disasters. All over the world, earthquakes, tornadoes, extreme temperatures and some of the worst storms  ever recorded like Hurricane Dorian in 2019 which devastated the Bahamas, are now the norm.

Sometimes it may feel like there is little you can do to help, and as a dad you wonder what type of world we are leaving behind for our children, and fear for their future. Teenagers are particularly worried right now, and environmental activists like Greta Thunberg has successfully created a worldwide movement that has even managed to shake the foundations of the climate change deniers in the United Nations.

Take a quick look at a couple of fast ways you can do your bit to save the planet.

1. Dispose Of Your Waste Properly

Fortunately we live in times where even large businesses like scicorp.net have seen and taken the opportunity to ride the wave of consumer demand for green solutions for everyday problems. For example, did you know that as many as 1 in 5 households do not have any access to a public sewer system and rely on septic tanks for wastewater. It is really important for public health that wastewater is treated properly, and in a manner that is sympathetic to sustainability, both to protect the environment and to avoid the spread of waterborne diseases.  

If waste water and garbage is properly treated and disposed of in a safe and sustainable way, avoiding pollutants, chemicals and harming air and water quality. This in turn will benefit the health of your community and lessen the burden on health care provider services in your area such as spectrumhealthcare.com , and therefore the financial cost to you to obtain quality healthcare.

So make sure that you recycle your waste where possible, use a biodegradable treatment in your septic tank, and make sure it is maintained properly because they are beneficial for the environment. This is because the tank filters water before the water is released into the soil and the soil in run filters the bacteria from the septic waste. This in turn means that the local water table is topped up and that local wildlife and vegetation will thank you for the clean water


2. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If you are unclear what your carbon footprint means, it refers to the sum total of the carbon dioxide gases(which cause the ‘greenhouse’ effect that is causing the earth to heat up) which are produced by human activities, including those generated in the production of the food and goods you consume. The use of fossil fuels in cars and industry is a major issue for the environment.

For example, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 7 million deaths due to air pollution alone occur worldwide every year and costs an estimated US$ 5.11 trillion in welfare losses globally.  

You can reduce your carbon footprint easily, by reducing your use of your car, using low-energy usage appliances, and even in our choice of air travel. For example why not ask travel agent sbtravel.com  to find you airlines who are committed to reduce passenger CO2 emissions by using better-planned flight routes to improve fuel economy and using sustainable materials when serving their customers? 


Finally, do make sure that you take time to carefully listen and share your children’s concerns about the environment, you will learn a lot, as they are likely to be well versed in sustainability. Do reassure them that you will do you bit as a concerned dad to support them and to take steps to preserve their future environment for the future by taking these easy steps.

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