Dad Catches Kids Absolutely Covered In Paint, Can't Stop Laughing

By Ree Hines

What do you do if you find your kids misbehaving? You might give them a stern talk or maybe even a time out.

But what if they're misbehaving in the most adorable way possible? Well, then all bets are off.

One dad was faced with that dilemma when his two little boys thoroughly covered their faces — and everything else — in paint.

The father comes on strong at first in a video uploaded to YouTube, asking, "Whose idea was this? Did you think this was a good idea?"

But when met with his boys' purple, green and oh-so-bewildered faces in response, dad's resolve starts to crumble. 

Still, he tries to carry on.

"You guys have paint everywhere!" the distressed parent tells them.

"In the hair, Daddy?" the younger tot asks.

All Dad can do is laugh — and laugh.

The boys can't figure out what can possibly be so funny, but just watch the clip to see for yourself.

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