Dad Tips for Using Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces


We’ve all been there, you’re alone will these little monsters also known as the best kids ever, depending on the time of day and their decimal level. Your baby is teething and therefore screaming. Your other kid is throwing a tantrum because he wants more goldfish crackers.

There are over the counter options available that help with teething, but let’s face it, giving your baby medicine is probably the last thing you want to do. You don’t want to give too much, or worse, the wrong kind of medicine. So, let's look at a great alternative to that medicine. They are these awesome necklaces created by Baltic Wonder. They consist of beads on a string; the beads are made from genuine Baltic Amber found in countries that surround the Baltic Sea.

As your baby wears the necklace it heats up by the body heat your child produces. Then your baby absorbs the Succinic Acid and feels better because of its pain relieving properties.

Succinic Acid is a natural substance found in topical creams for arthritis and many vitamin supplements. So it’s safe for use by anyone. It is reassuring to know what we are giving our kids a safe, wearable pain reliever. Something that just about any Dad would want.


Helpful Buying Tips


1. Never Buy Cheap

Buying a cheap Baltic necklace is the easiest way to be tricked into buying a counterfeit one. A fake necklace won't do anything to help your baby. You don’t have to buy the most expensive necklace on the market, but never buy one that doesn't offer some kind of guarantee or sell each of their necklaces with a certificate. This is the first step in ensuring that the necklace you are buying is not a worthless piece of junk.

Another tip is to smell; if you rub it against your palm for a few seconds and it smells like pine, you’ve got yourself a real Baltic amber necklace. If not, then it could very well be a fake. Check out the Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces at These necklaces come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a money back guarantee.


2. Only Buy Necklaces With Smooth Beads

There are many kinds of authentic Baltic amber necklaces on the market. The ones that are rough or pointed are not the best ones to purchase. They can irritate your baby’s skin, causing potential redness and pain. Instead, choose smooth, rounded beads. They can be polished, but they should always be light in color. The darker colored ones have most likely been treated and could be less effective because of it.


3. Buy Necklaces That Are Safely Made

Any good Baltic amber necklace should be made in a way that is comfortable for your child to wear and play in. Each bead should be knotted to the necklace individually and then wrapped over and over to ensure that no beads will fall off. The clasp on the necklace should never have a hook. A hook would be too difficult remove in an emergency. They are simply not safe for any child. If you follow these simple safety and care tips then your necklace will last a very long time.


4.  Take Care of It

An average kid wears their Baltic amber necklace for at least a year or until teething pain subsides. Because they will wear them every day for such a long time, proper care should be considered. Never let your child wear this necklace to sleep. When a child is asleep, they are at an increased risk for choking. When it’s bath time, the necklace can stay on, but it should be taken off when your child goes swimming. The chlorine in pools can damage your necklace.

Teething can be difficult for everyone, especially your baby. It requires a lot of patience, the best way to go about the whole ordeal is to recognize that this is a special milestone in your baby’s young life.

Well, there you go, this product can keep you completely stress-free and your baby feeling great. For every job you need the right tools. This is the tool that can make the entire teething process more pleasant, and the time after teething even more fun.