Dad's Guide To A Successful Remarriage

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

If you are a single dad who has recently remarried you’ll no doubt want to make a go of it this time around. So, check out these suggestions that will help you make more of a success of things. Use this guide to help you enjoy a successful marriage.

Spend Time As A Couple

When you are a parent, it’s easy to feel like you don’t get any time away from the kids. This can cause stress and resentment to pile up. So if you want to enjoy a successful remarriage you need to spend time together just as a couple. This could take the form of a fun day out or a romantic date night. Just make sure you pencil something in on a regular basis. And take the time to enjoy being a married couple, as well as looking after the kids.

Talk About Your Kids

The one major problem that single parents have when they get a new partner is talking about their kids. There is the fear that the other person won’t be receptive when they meet the kids, or they may not get on. And these are natural worries to have, but you mustn’t let them stop you from living and moving on. Try to be open and honest about your situation from the word go because this makes it more likely for them to be receptive. You need to remember that your children are your world so it’s important for them to get on with your new partner.

Make Sure You’re Sure

The best way to help your marriage to work is to be sure about it. When you find yourself in a position as a single dad, it’s easy to rush into things. You’re going to want to look for a new mother for the children. But that means you need to find the right woman. And too many fathers settle for the woman they’re with because they think time is running out. So, you need to make sure you don’t rush into this marriage. Think it through and make sure you and the children are ready before you make this step. If you do this, then you’re much more likely to have a thriving and successful marriage.


The key to success is planning and preparing. In a marriage, you need to make sure you plan things out as a couple. This could be anything these days so make sure you talk it all through as a couple. You need to understand that rushing into something is the best way to cause problems further down the line. So, you should sit down as a couple and talk things through. Discuss the possibility of having more kids, moving house, or changing careers. If you talk about these things in advance, you can work on them and come up with plans for them.
Dads often find it difficult when they get into a new marriage. They feel like they have to walk on eggshells around their new partner. Many of the issues come from worry that the new partner will not accept their children. These are natural concerns for dads to have, but they aren’t healthy ones. So, it’s important to work on ways to make the new marriage the one that sticks this time around. 

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