Dad’s Invention Helps Baby Sleep Soundly On the Go

By Rachel Bertsche

When I became a parent, I vowed to never drive around aimlessly for hours just to keep my child asleep in her carseat. I’d seen too many friends become prisoners of their own vehicles, scared to park for fear their little one might wake up. This weekend, I was tested on this for the first time: My daughter fell asleep in the car, her little face so content, her breathing perfectly rhythmic. But instead of prolonging our car ride to keep her happy, we parked at home and tried to move her to the crib. It didn’t work, and her only nap lasted about 20 minutes in our backseat.

Which is why this dad’s repurposed toy truck is genius. In a YouTube video entitled “Watch What Happens When I Leave Daddy Home Alone With the Baby,” an infant lies in the bed of a motorized toy truck, his head cushioned by a rolled-up blanket. The little boy is sound asleep — blissfully, peacefully, asleep. Not even the beeping of a semi in reverse can stir him. 

The video was posted on March 16 but started going viral this week, and already has 1.2 million views. Plenty of parents want to know where to send their orders, calling the creation “genius,” and noting that this baby is lucky to have such a cool and creative dad.

Now, if only he could make a toddler-sized version, we’d be in business.