Dads - Why You Need To Learn The Art Of Socks

(By Jim Mckenzie)

Having been a stylish-sock-aficionado for 40+ years there are very few styles that I haven’t tried wearing at some time or other! I have bought socks from as far afield as Japan and Africa in my time. It is something of a family legend (and joke) that you are more likely to be hit by a falling wardrobe than to find me wearing a plain one color pair of socks!

Yes, the funkier the better, so I was very lucky to have found New York sock designers  Ozone Design - The Art of Socks and once I saw their eclectic and artful socks, which completely match my style I know I have to get them!

Ozone have been making these socks since 2000, and was created by Laurie Mallet, the past owner of Williwear (great clothes from the 1980s) and their designs have been worn in fashion spreads or Vogue, NYLON, Interview and have been pulled for everyone from Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Madonna. 

However, pedigree and design alone are not enough -  for a sock-snob like me, they have to pass the ultimate test assessing their style, comfort and durability!

Upon wearing them, I not only got immediate amazed reactions from those around me about the style and colour - always a plus – but also, the socks fit snugly but not too tight. They are are perfect length and are also really breathable and comfortable to wear. You’ll be able to pair their socks with any dad style, there are colors and patterns for all.

Something else that pleases me is that I am a great supporter of sustainable business, and as Ozone socks partner with family-owned mills in Columbia, France and Japan, I can wear my socks in good conscience too!

I can see why this sock company has gone from strength to strength, as the ladies in my family are really jealous of my Ozone socks, so word of mouth has already begun in my house!

Fatherhood Biz Rating: Ozone socks really are a breath of fresh air!