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Dads - Why You Need To Learn The Art Of Socks

Having been a stylish-sock-aficionado for 40+ years there are very few styles that I haven’t tried wearing at some time or other! I have bought socks from as far afield as Japan and Africa in my time. It is something of a family legend (and joke) that you are more likely to be hit by a falling wardrobe than to find me wearing a plain one color pair of socks!

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Blending A Family In Trump’s America

When together, my husband and I have always been treated differently. Even in the diverse metropolitan city of New York. My husband, a Bronxite of Puerto rican and Cuban descent looks a bit different from me. Sometimes he is mistaken for Middle Eastern. A few years ago, after landing in...

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Why You Should Talk To Your Children About This Election

The morning after I sat in amazement as our country map turned one red state after another, my wife and I called our nine year old son from his sleep to talk to him. We were not Trump supporters, not by a long shot. And while we were aware that he knew this, we wanted...

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