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Blending A Family In Trump’s America

When together, my husband and I have always been treated differently. Even in the diverse metropolitan city of New York. My husband, a Bronxite of Puerto rican and Cuban descent looks a bit different from me. Sometimes he is mistaken for Middle Eastern. A few years ago, after landing in...

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Study Reports That Modern British Fathers Have Stronger Bonds With There Children

Modern British dads have a closer bond with their children than they had with their own fathers, according to new research. More than six out of ten believe they enjoy a better, more supportive and hands-on relationship....

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How Surrogate Mother, 2 Fathers Built An Amazing Family

The three men wearing white scrubs stand to one side, watching silently as people in blue and green scrubs burst through the oversize door into the operating room. Nurses. Surgical assistants. An anesthesiologist. Ten total, so far. The elevator pings, and someone else in scrubs backs out pulling a heavy portable incubator. Then, another, and another. One for each baby.

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