Dan Anton in Jacksonville FL: Leaders in Digital Marketing Performance

Why digital marketing?

The days when brands and products used to be advertised through newspapers and television or even outdoor advertising are long gone. Every facet of our lives is tied in to some or the other digital medium – the internet, emails, mobile phones etc. Therefore correct marketing of your product or service using digital marketing is of paramount importance, if you wish to reach the maximum number of people, a focused digital marketing strategy is very useful.


Routes used in digital marketing

Digital Marketing aims to bring together all digital media to advertise your message to the target audience and prospective users or recommenders. Some of the ways this is achieved is through search engines, social media, direct emailing, mobile applications and even websites. Let us discuss some ways in which you can use these arms of digital marketing to reach out your message.


What does Digital Marketing involve?

There are several ways in which digital marketers reach their target clients. Content marketing is a popular way, where you use thoughtfully created content which would convey your message effectively without seeming to be a promotional piece. It could be in the form of blogs or social media posts or direct mailers, but the content should be created to distinguish it from an advertising flyer. Then you could opt for a paid search advertisement, where your advertisement would be placed on a search result page, but you need to pay only if that advertisement was clicked by someone. While on the topic of search results pages, the broader initiative to ensure a top rated rank on a search engine’s results page, a number of techniques are adopted by digital marketers, which are collectively referred to as search engine optimization. A study found that 67% of all clicks on a search results page are from the first page, so you know how important it is for you to figure on Page 1 of the results.

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A very important aspect of digital marketing is social media marketing. Most of your prospective buyers would be spending a large part of their day on some or the other social platform. More importantly, social media has begun to be increasingly used to ask for product recommendations, so if you are part of the chatter there, it surely helps. Just to cite 2 examples from social media, did you know that almost 1 out of every 2 internet users is on Facebook? Also, with people so keen to talk about their life on social media, 88% of all product purchases are pinned on Pinterest. And finally, with most of us spending most of the day on our mobile devices, a smart digital marketing campaign will need to have mobile marketing too, in the form of text or multimedia push messages or apps.


The need for a good digital marketing agency

Just like the internet is crowded with webpages, similarly the digital marketing space too is filled with wannabes who say they are the real deal. But there are a few digital marketing agencies, like Jacksonville SEO, who have what it takes, based on the skills of the people in their team, and the technology driven way they do their digital marketing. Apart from the strong team, they are advised by Dan Anton, who is a military veteran, now retired. He used to listen to all the questions surrounding SEO, and think up the answers with the help of his computer science knowledge. He found out ways to make the digital marketing more personalized, and now uses those experiences to guide Jacksonville SEO.

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An effective digital marketing agency would need to look at both client and user. The client needs to feel that he is getting a good ROI from the efforts, whereas the user needs to get real and useful results and information as a result of the digital marketing campaign.