Key Things To Remember Between Car And Truck Accidents


Disclaimer: This article involves general information and understanding about the legal aspect of car and truck accidents. It should not, however, be treated as actual legal advice regarding the subject matter. If you want specific legal advice for your situation similar to the topic, it’s recommended that you contact a licensed attorney in your state.


While cars and trucks both involve highway accidents, the outcome may vary from one another. In fact, factors that affect car accidents don’t necessarily impact truck accidents. That’s why it’s important to be knowledgeable about the complexities of these types of accidents. To further understand the key things between car and truck accidents, make sure that you take note of their differences.


1.         Causes of the Collision: We have to bear in mind that causes of car and truck accidents are not the same.


●       As trucks are bigger, heavier and more complicated than average cars, the usual causes of crashes may have something to do with mechanical failures and manufacturing defects. You also take note that some of the common reasons for truck accidents are problems with acceleration, braking and even heavy loads. That’s why more serious accidents most likely happen with trucks.

●       Causes of car accidents, on the other hand, are more from distractions, inattention in driving and negligence.


2.          Requirements for Licensing: As provided by some state laws, licensing requirements for truck drivers involve a different process.


●       In most cases, truck drivers are required to undergo a series of written examinations and training before they’ll be given their commercial driver’s license.

●       It’s also essential to know that car and truck driving aren’t governed by the same federal and state regulations. While both are not similar, truck driving entails a more complicated set of road rules to follow to prevent serious collisions.


3.         The Severity of Damage and Injuries: Although car and truck accidents result in damages and injuries, both differ in the degree and severity.



●       As mentioned earlier, trucks are weightier than cars. For that reason alone, it’s no surprise that truck accidents may cause more substantial and devastating injuries, property damages and even fatalities compared to car crashes.

●       However, when you’re making a personal injury claim  in court, the evidence involving truck accidents are more extensive. That’s why it’s important you get photographs of the damages to your vehicles and medical records to justify your claim.


4.         Insurance Policies: It has been noted that both car and truck accidents are subject to insurance policies.


●       Because of the parties involved in truck accidents, several insurance policies and lawyers representing the case are involved. In these types of situations, insurance companies for the trucking company, truck manufacturer, and truck owners come together to discuss the intricacies of the accident.

●       Unlike in car accidents, the insurance providers involved are only limited to the injured party and the driver at fault.


5.    Liabilities: When you’re dealing with truck accidents, liabilities can be more intricate.


●       In truck collisions, the liability doesn’t only fall on the truck driver. As laid down by some state laws concerning truck accident cases, the truck driver’s company and the manufacturer can be held liable for the injuries caused to the injured party. In other words, they may be blamed for what happened.


6.         Truck Records: Truck driving is different from car driving. That’s why truck records are well-monitored and well-kept at all times.


●       Remember that there are limitations as to how many hours truck drivers need to operate their vehicles on the road. Besides, it’s one way of making sure that they’re not overworked to avoid possible highway accidents.

●       However, some trucking companies falsify truck records and let their truck drivers drive beyond the required driving hours each day. As a result, records involving truck driving is necessary for truck accident lawsuit claims which aren’t, on the other hand, a factor in a car accident case.


7.         Presence of a Lawyer of the Accident Scene: One of the advantage in truck accident cases is the opportunity to call lawyers to evaluate the accident scene.


●       Bear in mind that the presence of an attorney in the crash scene is not a requirement for car accident cases. In fact, only police officers are asked to come to the area to make the police report.

●       However, truck accidents may have a different process. Trucking companies can call their lawyers to assess the severity of the accident and to collect pieces of evidence by taking pictures and asking information from the witnesses. In other words, the opportunity to be on the scene gives them the advantage to win a truck accident case.


8.         Required Attorney Experience: Dealing with car and truck accident claims requires legal skills and competencies.


●       It’s essential to know that truck accident litigations are lengthy, time-consuming and problematic. If you want your truck accident claim to prevail, the assistance of an experienced attorney is needed.

●       Keep in mind that a lawyer’s experience and knowledge is vital in ensuring that the injured person gets the compensation that they reasonably deserve considering the number of defendants involved in truck accident lawsuit claims.

●       By getting a professionally licensed attorney, you’ll be able to recover the compensation for your injuries, or you’ll be rightfully defended in case you’re the driver at fault.


Car and truck accidents can cause severe and lifelong injuries. If you’re a party to these types of road accidents, we expect that the information mentioned above has provided you with the ideas as to some key of the key things to remember between car and truck collisions. If injuries are involved, it’s best if you seek an appropriate legal representation as soon as possible.


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