What Is The Role A Father Plays On Their Son & Daughter

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A father or a father figure is something every child should grow up with. It’s an essential part of life and growing up. It’s like a little girl growing up with hardly any hair and to her that is probably the worst thing that could ever happen. I know they are not completely similar but to any girl you can see the relevance and the importance it is to have hair. If you have a little girl who is going through this similar situation or you know someone who is- check out this post and see the best shampoos you can use for hair loss. You can visit their official site here! Again as a father, these are the tasks and responsibilities that you will be in charge of. Let’s take a look at some other reasons a child needs their father and how they can benefit from having a healthy relationship with their children.


Everyday Activities Are Essential In Growing Into A Healthy Person

To you, these activities might not seem like such a big deal but to your child that is growing up watching every move that you make- it is important. Having dinner with your child, playing pass the ball or video games, tucking your child into bed at night and telling them you love them means a lot to them. You might be wondering, what about the mother's role in a child’s life and wellbeing. Yes, a mother’s role is very important as well, but each of them plays different roles. This doesn’t mean that the two parents can’t do things together with their children as a family or they have to have different opinions about stuff that is going on in their child’s life. There are certain responsibilities that a child turns to their mother for and the same goes with their fathers.


A father is the parent figure that encourages more risk, while the mother is the worrywart. A child needs risk in their life in order to grow up and develop into a healthy human being. The father is more likely to introduce their child to strangers and overcome obstacles that they are scared to overcome on their own. Not often do you see mothers let go of their child’s hand while they are learning how to swim. A father might have a different approach. They think more like- if I let go of my child’s hand that might help them learn faster because it gives them more responsibility. That is just one scenario how a dad can impact a child’s life.


The same goes with discipline. A mother tends to discipline more often, and a father tends to discipline a lot less but a lot stronger. Therefore when your dad gets mad you know he means business. A child needs this in their lives. Regardless of how you choose to raise your children, being present in their life is important. A healthy relationship with both parents’ is crucial but for you fathers out there- know that you are important to your children and they appreciate everything you say and do for them!