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5 Things Parents Wish They Knew Before Having Kids

A baby doesn’t come with an instruction manual to prepare you for the right kind of parenting. No ancient philosophy or parenting techniques can work a hundred percent for your child. Every child is different and full of surprises. So it all depends on what is best for them and best for you as well. No matter how tough raising a child gets, you will figure it out through trial and error.

Here are 5 things that parents usually wish they knew before having kids:

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What Is The Role A Father Plays On Their Son & Daughter

A father or a father figure is something every child should grow up with. It’s an essential part of life and growing up. Let’s take a look at some other reasons a child needs their father and how they can benefit from having a healthy relationship with their children.

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5 Steps To Being a Confident Parent

When it comes to raising children, confidence is a really key part of the whole process. While saying confidence, it doesn’t mean being the loudest or the most talkative person in the room. But confidence is key to parenting well. The confidence to go outside of your comfort zone, talk about certain subjects with your children, confidence to discipline, and confidence to love in the right way. When you show your children that you are confident, your children feel more free to be a child and live their life.

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Dad, are you ready for a baby? Spot-on duties for a soon-to-be father

The arrival of a baby generates much joy for family and friends. However, this new member still in development modifies the dynamics of the couple. Pregnancy involves many physical, hormonal and emotional changes for the woman. The life that holds within you really wreaks havoc on your body. For the father, this stage is usually difficult because although he sees all the changes without being able to experience them, it is normal that he does not know how to integrate and help from his role

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Let Your Child Live Through Their Dreams

It’s always worth helping your children pursue their dreams. After all, what is life without dreams and besides that it can help push them towards interesting and exciting careers? You never know how far they’ll get. Remember, Taylor Swift began her career performing for her family. So, how should you...

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