Dad, are you ready for a baby? Spot-on duties for a soon-to-be father

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The arrival of a baby generates much joy for family and friends. However, this new member still in development modifies the dynamics of the couple. Pregnancy involves many physical, hormonal and emotional changes for the woman. The life that holds within you really wreaks havoc on your body. For the father, this stage is usually difficult because although he sees all the changes without being able to experience them, it is normal that he does not know how to integrate and help from his role. Unintentionally, the developing baby changes the dynamics of the couple, but a father has significant roles during the pregnancy. Do you want to know what it is? Then we explain it to you.

The news

This first stage, for Dad, is difficult. Even if he wants and loves that baby so bad, the infant cannot see nor feel it at all. However, knowing the changes that occur in the woman during the first trimester, the father can effectively engage with his partner. At the moment of finding out the new mother has already reached one month, receiving in her body the hormones that are necessary to sustain that life within itself. They lead her to experience excesses of sleep, hunger and sometimes nausea.

The man at this moment has a role of containment, and it is necessary that the future father tries to listen carefully to the concerns of the mother. It is also important that they should regularly ask their wife if they have any special wishes or need help. It is also good that the father accompanies the mother to the first gestational consultation, this can help him dispel his own doubts about it.

Any emotional support that the woman feels during pregnancy will help to carry the experience with more joy and calm. This, in turn, will reduce the stress of the couple.

After three months

In the second quarter, the changes begin to be seen. Although much has happened in the woman's body during the first three months of pregnancy, all changes have been internal. It is the third month of gestation when you can begin to notice the physical changes. The pregnant woman begins to see that her abdomen grows, cravings appear, the ultrasounds go from being spots to showing clearly the human form and even near the fourth month you can already know the sex of the baby. Hormones increase their effects by returning to the woman more sensitive.

The father during this trimester is a vital support. As a provider, you can take care of helping mom gradually choose the things she wants to receive for your baby, especially those that need to be armed like the cradle for example. You can also talk to her about the potential names for the newborn and the colors you want for the baby's room. It is not appropriate for the pregnant to make physical efforts or be in contact with the painting. But super dad can be an excellent ally in these things.

The countdown

The last stage of pregnancy begins at six months. By that time most of the women have a belly equivalent to the size of a soccer ball. The baby's movements are felt. Your wife's hands and feet begin to swell. The uterus increases in size significantly week by week, pressing the organs of the mother in the thoracic box. This is why the pregnant woman feels tired and the simpler tasks, such as tying shoes, are complicated. Pregnancy is evident for everyone, and the countdown begins for the arrival of the baby.

At this point, it is essential for the father to talk to his partner about the preparations. Things like what to do if the contractions begin? Where is everything stored in the bag to take to the hospital? What will be the first baby's clothes? It is important for the father to know firsthand these details because, at the time of delivery, the pain and anguish of the pregnant woman can make her forget things at home or feel overwhelmed to make a decision. In addition, having a flexible plan already established, will reduce stress in the man and help him to perform better at the time of receiving the baby.

On the other hand, in the home, the father can help the pregnant with the housework. If he feels he does not have the time, or it is tedious to do the same, it is good to temporarily hire a person who will help the mother with these daily chores. However, there are very personal things in which the father can get involved efficiently and help the future mother, for example, tie her shoes, give her a little foot massage, tell her that she is beautiful and that she loves her. These are things that will take a few minutes of your day but will make the mother feel safer and more relaxed.

The arrival of a baby is news that generates great joy for parents, both families, and friends. The mother supports the child's life. In addition, the physical support of the future mother, which includes accompanying her to some medical appointments, prenatal workshops, help her a little more with housework, paint the baby's room and put together some of the implements that have chosen for her child. These are timely activities that can help the future dad feel more involved in receiving your baby. This will ensure that pregnancy is an experience of love, peace, and happiness. Men need to feel part of this adventure of becoming dads, and now they know how to do it.