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How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy is life-altering for a woman and very demanding on her body and mind, and as a man, the least you can do is make everything more bearable for her. You can make the pregnancy a little easier for your wife by being supportive and handy around the house. Here‘s how to care for your pregnant wife.

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Dad, are you ready for a baby? Spot-on duties for a soon-to-be father

The arrival of a baby generates much joy for family and friends. However, this new member still in development modifies the dynamics of the couple. Pregnancy involves many physical, hormonal and emotional changes for the woman. The life that holds within you really wreaks havoc on your body. For the father, this stage is usually difficult because although he sees all the changes without being able to experience them, it is normal that he does not know how to integrate and help from his role

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"The Ladies" A Video About A Dad Following His Wife's Pregnancy Adventure

Here is a charming video from our top contributor, Gareth Hutchins, who recently became a very proud father to a beautiful baby girl named Mila. This is a cute tribute video to the ladies in his life! 

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