How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Wife


Pregnancy is life-altering for a woman and very demanding on her body and mind, and as a man, the least you can do is make everything more bearable for her. You don’t have to wear those funny body suits to show your woman of your support during your pregnancy, unless you want to, but you make care for your wife during those 40 weeks of the pregnancy and post-postpartum too.

You can make the pregnancy a little easier for your wife by being supportive and handy around the house. Here‘s how to care for your pregnant wife.


Be empathetic

Remember it’s your wife carrying the baby and the best you can do is imagine how hard that is and listen to her. Don’t hold opinions on how she should be feeling or coping with the pregnancy. She knows what she’s feeling best so don’t offer the opinion you read on a parenting forum how bad or easy her symptoms should be.

So, if she tells you she’s nauseate, she is. Don’t refer to your chart of pregnancy symptoms and tell her she should have progressed past that already. Be understanding and empathetic and sympathetic.  


Be supportive

Every stage of a pregnancy comes with its own challenges. You will find that at some point you wife will develop an aversion for certain foods even if they were formerly her favourite. Avoid those foods too even you like them to prevent triggering nausea and even vomiting in her.

She will also have to quit drinking and smoking for the sake of the baby’s help during the pregnancy.  This is one aspect of the pregnancy where you should be quite supportive. Quit those vices too so you don’t tempt her to indulge in unhealthy habits that may harm your baby.

More importantly, be patient with her pregnancy symptoms like mood swings, Diarrhea Third Trimester, nausea and fatigue.


Accompany her to the doctor

If possible, accompany her to all the doctor’s appointment for the duration of the pregnancy. Few people enjoy having to drive while suffering from morning sickness so drive her there and be present in every step of the pregnancy.

As the pregnancy progresses, the frequency of antenatal visits increase and they may become overwhelming for your partner since the baby is now bigger and heavier. Be her support during this time.

Don’t disappear only to reappear on the ninth month and demand to play a role during labor and in the delivery room.


Be handy

One of the major contributions you can make to make life easier for your wife is to help around the house. Cook her the meals she needs to stay strong and healthy and dash to the store if she craves for an ice cream scoop and some chocolate. Check out interior design websites like Home Ideas Review and surprise her by completing a DIY décor project she’s been wanting to start.

If you have older kids, prepare them for school and do all that is necessary so your wife can rest and focus on the pregnancy.

Also, if she wants a massage or the pillow adjusted or her legs lifted onto a stool, then do exactly that.