The Top 3 Examples Of When To Temporary Change Your Address

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A postal address is very important. Although it’s the slowest method of communication, it guarantees that you will still remain in touch with businesses and individuals that send you letters every month. However, there are situations in life that force you to seek temporary change of address. In fact, getting a new address is pretty simply. You only need to log into usps temporary change of address portal and fill the form and wait for at least two weeks. It’s much easier than going to the postal office because you can do it while on the go. You can even request to have a USPS mail hold set up, where they will hold on to it until you can pick it up or request it be delivered.Below is a list of situations that call for a temporary change of address.


1. Job Transfer

When your employer transfers you to another workstation, you have to move out of your current residence and settle where you have been deployed. People who work for government agencies are usually encouraged to seek temporary address because they get transferred every now and then. If you are leaving your family behind, say spouse and children, you may continue using your current address because your spouse can keep such letters for you.

The situation is different for people that don’t leave some of their relatives behind. In such a case, you just have to acquire a temporary address to ensure that you don’t miss any mail, especially utility bills. The good thing about this temporary change is that you can continue using your old address at the end of your tenure or when retiring.


2. Temporally Relocation Due to Bad Weather

There are people that move out of their homes due to bad weather such as hurricanes, earthquakes and snow. Such people seek refuge in temporary homes and should avoid getting a permanent change of address. This is because they will still go back to their former homes when the weather condition becomes favorable. If this sounds like you, it’s recommended you apply for temporary address before moving out into a new residence. This helps in ensuring that you remain updated on your monthly bills because USPS will redirect the mails that are sent to the permanent address into the temporary one. Once you go back to your old home, the temporary address is canceled so that your letters can become available in your permanent address.


3. Divorce or Separation

 When a husband and a wife file for divorce and it gets approved, one of them has to move out of the house. Before a divorce goes through, the couple remains separated for a period of three years because it’s assumed that they might solve their differences and wish to remain as husband and wife. During such a period the spouse that moves out of the house should consider getting a temporary address. This is because the individual still needs to stay in touch with important entities that matter to him or her such as the insurance company, banks and magazine subscriptions among others.