9 Ways To Celebrate Father's Day With Grandpa

Father’s Day is fast approaching and can be a great opportunity for children to bond with their grandpas. Below are some activities you can propose to the kids to encourage quality time together:

Grandpa and kids outdoors fathers day

1. For the outdoorsman

With beautiful and sunny weather, your kids may be itching to go outside. Now is the perfect time for your kids to go for a walk with grandpa or try other outdoor activities such as tandem kayaking, hiking, fishing, and camping. With a quick search on Google, you can find all of the best walking trails nearest you.


2. For the craftsman

Working on projects together can help your kids build stronger ties with grandpa—and they can learn a thing or two along the way. These can include simple home-improvement projects, such as painting a room, or doing carpentry (be sure to take a necessary safety precautions and keep the project simple for children). Other activities could also include participating in a paint night, building model trains or airplanes, and playing with Lego.


3. For the film enthusiasts

For those who love summer blockbusters, watching a movie with dad, grandpa, and the kids is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day. Have grandpa introduce classic films such as the original Alien movies from the 1970s, or more wholesome films starring grandparents and grandkids like Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Some local theatres may also show classic films, which is an opportunity for grandpa to share a favourite movie from when he was your child’s age. Stopping somewhere to enjoy a meal or ice cream afterwards is a great opportunity to discuss the film.


Grandpa and kids fathers day history.jpg

4. For the family historian

Grandpa certainly has plenty of stories to tell. Have the family gather around and hear what grandpa has to say. Not only will he feel valued and appreciated, but also you and your kids will be more connected with your family heritage. Consider having grandpa draw out the family tree as he shares his tales about his childhood and relatives. This makes a valuable keepsake to pass down to many generations.


5. For the competitive spirit

If watching sports is one of grandpa’s favourite pastimes, consider making this a family event. Bring the kids and grandpa to see a sports event. Whether it’s attending a baseball or tennis game, watching live sports is a way to provide quality bonding time and can also inspire your children to stay active and be a team player.

You can even have competitions with grandpa. This could involve playing miniature golf, board games, or a paper airplane contest (a simple activity involving a few sheets of plain paper).


Grandpa and kids fathers daybookworm reading.jpg

6. For the bookworm

There are many benefits of reading for children, adults, and seniors alike. Reading can help improve communication skills, develop empathy, as well as enhance cognitive abilities. Pick a book that your kids can give to your father for Father’s Day and have them sign it. They can ask grandpa to read it to them. Some classic children’s book include Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, and Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.


7.  For the board gamer

For those who enjoy a good board game, having a board game afternoon with dad, grandpa, and the kids is a relaxing and fun way to celebrate. Bring in a variety of games to play, such as Monopoly, Ticket to Ride, and Snakes and Ladders. Add some fun snacks to fuel an afternoon or evening of games.


8.  For the family chef

Some of the best family memories are simple activities such as gathering with friends and family for a grilling fiesta. While grandpa and dad are grilling, kids can also get involved in preparation and decorating. Some things kids can help with when it comes to cooking time include husking corn, mixing ingredients, assembling food items, setting the table, and transporting food items.


9. For the scientist

There are numerous activities to bring out your kids’ inner scientist: perhaps, grandpa can show your them how the physical and natural world works through kid-friendly experiments. For example, purchase or make a planetary model so grandpa can show them how the earth orbits around sun, or have grandpa help make a rainbow.  


Spending time with grandpa

Father's Day is the perfect time to do something special with grandpa, whether it’s visiting him at his retirement community for a nice lunch or an afternoon of fun activities . Regardless of how your children spend time with grandpa, the most important thing is creating lasting memories.