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Transform Your Lounge with a Home Video Wall

If you are looking for better ideas to improve your lounge you ought to consider creating a Home Video Wall. This can serve as an awesome idea to improve your home by installing a big logical screen. The Video Wall can be used for watching a romantic movie or even as a platform to display wonderful art, ranging from digitalized drawings to photography

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Don't Let Your Parental Responsibilities Ruin The Fun!

Throughout life, we all pick up a vast swath of hobbies and interests. These activities are usually expensive to run and take a lot of time to maintain. So, when kids enter the picture, your hobbies and interests will start to dribble away. But, if you play your cards right, you could keep a firm grasp...

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"The Ladies" A Video About A Dad Following His Wife's Pregnancy Adventure

Here is a charming video from our top contributor, Gareth Hutchins, who recently became a very proud father to a beautiful baby girl named Mila. This is a cute tribute video to the ladies in his life! 

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