Birthday Boy Can't Blow Out His Candle — Until Dad Saves The Day!

By Ree Hines for TODAY

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At just 2 years old, little Marty didn't have a whole lot of experience with the whole blowing-out-the-candle business when his parents presented him with a birthday cupcake.

And it really showed.

After mom and dad sang a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday," Marty leaned forward and ...* plththth*.

It was a good, albeit ineffective, effort. But Marty didn't give up. In fact, he went after that flame so intently, he had to be held back a bit so as not to burn himself.

But no matter how hard he tried ... *plththth*.

Image: YouTube/Ashleigh Williamson

Image: YouTube/Ashleigh Williamson

After several admirable efforts, Marty's dad dashed off and came back with a great idea — and a straw!

He popped one end in Marty's mouth and aimed the other at that stubborn candle, and next thing you know, that flame was history.

"Oh, wow!" Marty exclaimed.

It was a great team effort for father and son. And when Marty was presented with a full birthday cake later in the day, it required another team effort.

Watch the video to see how dad's quick thinking came through for the birthday boy again.