Watch Dad-To-Be Realize He’s Getting A Positive Pregnancy Test Instead Of An Apple Watch

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This is the heart-warming moment a father-to-be burst into tears after his wife surprised him with a pregnancy test disguised as an Apple Watch.

The perfect gift was presented to the hysterical man on his birthday and his thoughtful wife captured his reaction on her camera phone.

The man, who is believed to be from America, sits on the side of his bed and is instructed to cover his eyes with his hand.

He obeys and confirms that he is not peeking before his wife picks up an all-white rectangular box from the shelf of the bedside table.

She rather fittingly says: 'This is a gift that has been hiding in plain sight for a while. But I got you something that I wanted us to be able to share together.'

On the instruction of his wife, the man then removes his hand from his eyes and lifts the lid from the box with great anticipation.

He says: 'Oh, is this that watch? Really,' referring to the Apple Watch - no doubt fooled by the iconic color and simple design of the packaging.

But then opens up the plastic case inside, spots the positive pregnancy test inside and says: 'What? Are you serious? Are you serious?'

The man breaks down into tears of joy and clutches his face with his hand.

Meanwhile the video maker attempts to ask her husband what it is he has in his hand - presumably for the benefit of the video.

But the man is too hysterical to reply and continues to sob into his hand.

The video concludes with the wife announcing: 'We are going to have a baby,' as her husband calls her over for a cuddle.

Since being posted to YouTube the video has been viewed 35,000 times and has received a number of comments from touched individuals.

User Elyse Pearl wrote: 'Aw, I bet he's going to be a great dad!' while DonkeySocks said: 'That's so freaking cute!!'