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15 Heart-Melting Images Of Dads Meeting Their Babies For The First Time

Few moments in life are as moving as when moms give birth and meet their baby for the first time … but what about dads? While this initial meet-and-greet between father and infant is rarely so celebrated, it’s just as emotional. 

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What You Don't Know About A GentleBirth Dad

What you don't know about a GentleBirth Dad. You hear a lot of Moms on pregnancy forums throwing out comments about how their partners will act in labor. Examples being “I hope he doesn’t annoy me” or "faint”: These are rarely concerns GentleBirth Moms have regarding the abilities...

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6 Parenting Tips For Busting the Body Image Blues

We teach them to look both ways before they cross the street, not to stick metal things in the electrical outlet and not to give personal information to strangers. As a parent encountering body image issues, “Don’t go down the alley!” becomes “That scale doesn’t define you!”

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