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Walking The Line As A Step-Dad

There is no doubt that being a step-father means you are slotting into a difficult role. The child in question is not your child - but after a time, they begin to feel like they are. You love them, care for them, consider their life choices and make decisions with them. They turn to you for advice and...

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Let Your Child Live Through Their Dreams

It’s always worth helping your children pursue their dreams. After all, what is life without dreams and besides that it can help push them towards interesting and exciting careers? You never know how far they’ll get. Remember, Taylor Swift began her career performing for her family. So, how should you...

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Christmas In September: Family, Friends Pack ‘Lifetime Into Days’ After Dad's Grim Diagnosis

Frank Henderson may have only a short time to live, but that’s not stopping his family and his community from helping him check items off his Bucket List, including celebrating Christmas in September.

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