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Walking The Line As A Step-Dad

There is no doubt that being a step-father means you are slotting into a difficult role. The child in question is not your child - but after a time, they begin to feel like they are. You love them, care for them, consider their life choices and make decisions with them. They turn to you for advice and...

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First Steps Of Being A Stepfather

I met my stepson the day after Christmas, barely over a year ago. For the most part, I’ve become a pretty tough man, emotionally distant and guarded. Despite this, I was still nervous to meet the boy who would become a part of my family. When I met him he was just two months shy of three years old. I’ve always loved and wanted kids...

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The Stepfather Savior Complex

My family has a history of stepfathers. My dad was a stepfather to my oldest sister, my grandfather was a stepfather to my mother, and my grandmother’s father was a stepfather. In two of the above cases, this was because of parental abandonment. Their biological fathers left them at an age too young to remember. Fortunately, this was not the case with my own stepson...

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