Does Your Child Want a Motorcycle Instead of a Car? Here Are Some Considerations

Most people don’t realise that a car is no longer essential for everyday living. Even if you live far from the city or any local stores, it’s not necessary to purchase a car anymore unless you plan to have a large family. Your children are more exposed to the alternatives to driving than you were, and as such, they’re more aware of reasons to forgo the car in favour of greener or more money-efficient alternatives. This is especially true if your child wants to be self-sufficient with their vehicle. If they understand the costs of owning a car, then they might be put off from owning one and they may even consider getting a motorcycle instead.

First of all, your child’s decision to avoid the car should be one met with praise. It’s not every day that our kids learn about how to be more frugal and efficient with money, and it’s a far cry from when they were younger and demanding everything from the latest toys to the newest video games. So in order to support your child’s decision to get a motorcycle, here are some considerations and tips.

Understand the safety concerns

It’s normal to be worried about your child, especially if they’re out on a bike. Statistics show that motorcyclists are more likely to end up in accidents than people in cars or other forms of transport on the road. This is because it requires more awareness and personal skill in order to ride a motorcycle. Many people forget basic rules of the road and they don’t obey safety laws. This ends up leading to accidents and it’s the main reason for the increased rate of accidents.

It’s important to look up a website such as Bikers' Basics with your child in order to teach them all about motorcycle safety. Everything from the safety equipment down to riding habits should be taken into consideration. You want to make sure your child is well-prepared to ride a bike on the road, and it will take a lot of practice and patience until you can fully trust them on their own. If you’re worried, then don’t worry—it’s a natural instinct.

Helping with finance

Since your child has made the decision to get a motorcycle instead, they probably understand the financial implications. While a lot cheaper than a car, it’s still expensive to buy and maintain a motorcycle and it should be noted that the safety equipment required can cost a large chunk of money as well. In addition to a sturdy motorcycle helmet, you’ll also need clothing that can protect your child from cuts and scrapes if they fall off the motorcycle.

Luckily, you’ll still be contributing less overall cash to their motorcycle than a car, but it’s not an amount to shrug off. Keep in mind that, much like cars, you have the option of purchasing second-hand. While this might not be ideal for your child, it’s a cheaper option and you can expect to save a large chunk of money buying a used motorcycle instead. If your child is undecided or a little anxious about investing in a motorcycle, then getting used is the best solution to test the waters.