Elements Of Style In Designing A Family Garden

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When designing your garden it’s important, as a dad, to accommodate the needs of everyone in your family. Children need their own play area which should be safe, while adults need a screened-off space to relax in privacy. This might be a simple seating area nestled in a border and hidden from view or a more elaborate curve of basswood trees providing privacy from the neighbors and shelter from the weather. Being a dad, your design should repurpose the garden mainly as a place for your family to sit outside to relax, eat, or entertain guests. But besides their aesthetic and practical benefits, having a garden in your home increases the value of your property. Whether your garden is limited in size or you have lots of space to plan, designing your garden is an opportunity to let the artist in you shine. When designing your perfect garden, furniture is a massive factor to consider. Take a look at some rattan garden furniture from dream outdoors. there are also many other great options when you are looking for some lovely garden furniture.


Plans, schemes, and designs

One of the best ways to handle garden designing is the modular approach. It involves dividing the garden space into separate mix-and-match areas, each with its own unique usage. This makes for a more flexible design and can be applied regardless of the size of your garden. When planning your garden there are key elements to consider first. One of these is the space for play equipment. If you don’t have enough space then you should use slides or swings that can be folded and stowed. Another important aspect is color. You’ll need lots of bright colors to keep the garden cheerful and bright even when the weather isn’t. You can paint walls and use plants to introduce color. Also, you’ll need to think about which plants to put in your garden. For the safety of your children, you don’t want any poisonous or thorny plants. And finally, shop or browse online for the best benches and seating furniture for your garden. Will they stand the weather if left uncovered? You can go for durable benches that are both functional and versatile.


Improve privacy in the garden

In the children’s play area, the last thing you want is for the ball or toys to fall in the neighbors garden. This is where bushes and hedges come in handy to keep your pets and children from ending up in the garden next door. You wouldn’t want to eat under the full scrutiny of your neighbors either. That’s why ensuring the privacy of your garden is important. Consider designing the BBQ and seating areas in a more secluded part under a pergola to provide more privacy. And that private place where you can chill? Plant self-clinging climbers next to a fence to provide a cozy, green place away from prying eyes. And if you like the sound of running water, you can add a pond or a bubble fountain to your garden. It will also cover your conversation and drown out the sound from next door.

When designing your garden, always think of your kids. Besides the safety precautions, you want to encourage them to explore nature, do a bit of gardening themselves and observe insects and wildlife near the birdfeeder. Gardens are a place to help children develop and when planned well, they can provide limitless joy and fun for all members of your family.