Everything You Need For The Perfect Mancave

Everything You Need For The Perfect Mancave

Organizing the perfect male corner of the house is one of the more fun and easy projects to undertake, and is certainly rewarding. There are plenty of interesting opportunities, ranging from the place, whether it’s in basement, an outbuilding or just a spare room, and ending with a choice of different gadgets and toys. How will your mancave reflect your personality and individuality?


What kind of mancave would it be with no bar? A bar looks great, and doesn’t have to be big. Even something three or four feet long with a couple of stools can be quite effective. You can even set up the bar outside. This is a great idea if you have a patio or terrace and are fond of outdoor entertaining.

Of course, if you’ve got a bar, you need somewhere to keep the beer cold. Why not install a kegerator? You can either buy one or if you are of a creative disposition, have fun building it from a former refrigerator - it's certainly the cheaper option! 

Get your sports fix

Who hasn’t dreamt of owning a pool table from time to time? The trouble is, it’s not always practical from either a cost or space perspective. Nevertheless, if you are a sports fan, you can still install a large TV or monitor to keep up with your favourite games. And a rack or cabinet for memorabilia is a nice touch that lends that “sports bar” vibe.

All play and no work?

The mancave is where you go to escape and chill, but there will inevitably be times when you might need to get a little work done there, too. If you sometimes work from home, create a small work area equipped with the tech you need. Don’t go overboard, but a monitor for your laptop and an everyday printer should meet your basic needs. Choose one that has good availability of remanufactured high-capacity consumables, like these HP 364 ink cartridges and that’s even more money saved.

Colour and decoration

Colour is a matter of personal choice. If you are a little stuck, however, a neutral base like grey is a safe start. You can then create some great effects with accents of orange, yellow, beige or brown. 
When it comes to adorning the walls, the world is your oyster. Choose the materials that best reflect your character and the atmosphere you seek to create. For example, if you are a fan of hunting, you might go for the traditional trophy on the wall, or if you are well travelled, how about a map with pins to mark the destinations you have visited. It serves as a great aide-memoire, as well as a conversation piece. 


DIY furnishings

If you’re a bit handy in the tool shed, it is the work of a few hours to rustle up small pieces of furniture like such as shelving units, and what could be more rewarding? Consider using old leather straps to mount them on the wall for something a little different. The result is a hand-made work of art that is all your own. Other ideas include a coffee table made from a car tyre – all you have to do is attaching the legs and a suitable top. You could even create stools from beer barrels. The possibilities really are endless with a decent toolkit and a little imagination.