Modern Life-Saving Gadgets: 5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You in a Car Accident


The smartphone has become an indispensable tool in the modern era. With this gadget, you can be able to reduce your stress and make things easier for you when a car accident occurs. Most likely, your phone has all the right tools to enable you to collect vital information just after an accident has taken place. If you are thinking of how a smartphone can help save your life in an accident, then here’s how.

1.         Calling the Police

One of the greatest benefits of the smartphone is its ability to make calls when accidents occur. With your phone, you can make a call to the police, even when you are facing a minor fender-bender. This is the initial step which is usually crucial, so you can use your smartphone for this purpose. Alerting the authorities will help cover any loopholes especially when claiming for compensation or defending your case in court.

2.         “In Case of Emergency” Contact

Putting your “ICE” contact into your smartphone is a very crucial step you need to take. After all, emergencies such as accidents are bound to happen, and if that is the case, you’ll need to ensure emergency workers an access to the contacts of your loved ones by browsing your phone. Most professionals, paramedics, and registered nurses know how to look for this information. Therefore, saving your ICE contact in your phone will help these professionals to contact someone who knows you.

3.         Evidence Collector

Another important aspect about your smartphone is that it enables you to gather evidence regarding the accident. While having a phone with you throughout is not always advisable due to social or other reasons, the smartphone can be beneficial due to their video-recording or photo-taking capabilities. A smartphone can help support your case since it is a useful evidence-gathering tool in case of a motor vehicle accident.

4.         Recording Witness Statements

The ability to prove that another person was at fault could rest on your ability to provide accounts of witnesses to the scene. You can use the video function on your smartphone or the voice memo app to record the statements of witnesses to the scene. Ask them to recite their names and addresses before they can start giving their statements. Be sure to inform them that such information will only be used for the purpose of identification if they hesitate to provide such information.

5.         Confirm your Coverage

A car insurance app can help you determine the kind of coverage offered by your insurance provider. Even though the driver of the other car may have offered proof of their insurance, they may have expired or invalid policy. In case they are uninsured, it is important to know what your insurers can cover so you can decide levels of treatment or repairs they can offer.  With the smartphone, through the car insurance app, you can be in a position to ascertain this aspect.

Final Word

Another notable contribution your smartphone can make is enabling you to call your attorney. Reputable legal professionals such as Derrick Law Firm's trustworthy car accident lawyers will be able to offer their assistance the moment they are called upon to help with the car accident and injury cases. Therefore, make sure you take your smartphone with you everywhere you go just in case the unexpected happens.