Fostering Is More Than A 9-5 job

Fostering Is More Than A 9-5 job

There is a constant rise in the demand of foster parents who are willing to care for children whose parents are not able to care for them. The entire process of fostering does not require any educational or professional qualification but it can be a rewarding experience. It is a way to contribute to the community in the best possible manner.


It has been estimated that the Division of Child Welfare in Colorado will need about 2,500 foster families by July 2019. In order to reach this goal, they will need about 1,200 families who are willing to help children in need. If you think you have it in you to look after children, you need to consider fostering. However, keep in mind that becoming a foster parent is not an easy task. It is much more than a 9 to 5 job and will require you to give in all your heart and head.


You can be single, married or a renter, you can be an American, Hispanic, gay or even transgender. If you have no experience in being a parent, it is absolutely fine as well. The requirement of being a foster parent is passing a background check, being 21 or older, completion of a foster parent training program and having a home study. Most importantly, you need to open your home and your heart to a child who is in need for the same. You will have to provide a safe place for the child to live and grow. Here is everything you need to know about fostering before you take a leap.


How do children end up in foster care?


There are numerous situations that lead to this. A child’s parent might have died and a foster parent could be needed until a permanent placement is found. Or a child might have been traumatized in the past and they need foster care. You need to understand that the children have not done anything wrong to be where they are. They need help because of certain situations that are out of their control. There is no fault of a child if he or she is in foster care.


It is a temporary solution


There is a difference between fostering and adoption. The purpose of foster care is to allow the parents to learn parenting skills and reunite with their children at one point of time. You will have to provide care for the child for a short period of time but it will only remain temporary.


Help the child in every manner you can


As a foster parent, you have a huge influence on the child, now and in the future. You will be moulding the child into a strong and responsible person with your love and care. You can do this by opening the doors to the children and showing them the benefits of becoming a part of the community. Every city and town will have different communities and every community will be able to influence the child in more than one manner. You need to introduce the child to different communities and allow the child to mingle with different people. You will realize that everyone makes a small but important difference to their life.


It will help the community


As a foster parent, you will be with the child at a crucial stage in their life. You will be looking after the child when he or she is not with the parents. It can be an incredibly rewarding experience and there are a number of benefits of the same. You can help the child through positive parenting. It will be an opportunity for you to ensure that the child is happy and has the right opportunities in life. It will be your chance to make a positive difference to the society. However, the process is not easy and you will notice that there are a number of challenges coming your way. By the end of it, nothing will feel as good as knowing that you have helped a child and took a young stranger into your home.


It is an incredible achievement to help children at a young age. You will become the most important person in their life and nothing will be as fulfilling as seeing the child grow into a loving and strong individual. The community needs you to open your heart and home for a child and if you are willing to do so, you need to contact the social workers today.