Exercise For Less: Cheap And Cheerful Ways To Get Off The Couch

Exercise For Less: Cheap And Cheerful Ways To Get Off The Couch

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As a dad, you’re probably more concerned about your child’s health and well-being than your own. That is commendable because every kid needs to learn about the values of a healthy lifestyle. And, there is no reason to keep them inside when they can be out burning off their excess energy. Still, just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you can only focus on your children. It is your duty to concentrate on your well-being, too. After all, how can you set a good example if you glue your ass to the sofa all day long?

What’s that – you’re worried about the cost? Nice try, but that won’t work on Everything For Dads because we have a solution. In fact, we have several. These are the ways fathers can exercise more for less. Come on – get those arms pumping!

Forget The Gym

See, it isn’t all bad. Normally, anyone that is looking to get fit would head straight to the gym. After all, it has all the equipment anyone could need to lose weight and gain muscle mass. However, it also has a hefty subscription fee which lasts for at least a year. If you're honest, there’s a good chance that money may go to waste. Thankfully, there is no reason to worry because it is possible to workout without hitting the gym. Basic home workout plans are widely available online, and you can always take to the roads for a jog. Not only will it save you money, but it will also help you get into the routine. Let’s face it – a gym can be intimidating.

Ditch The Car

Sitting behind the wheel for thirty minutes doesn’t do much for your fitness. Sure, it’s the easiest and quickest way to get to work, but it isn’t the healthiest. The method which is most beneficial for your body is cycling to work. As exercises go, cycling is at the top of the list because it works out a variety of muscles. Plus, it also gets the blood pumping at a decent rate. If anyone is bothered about the environment, it will help lower your carbon footprint, too. All in all, cycling to work is a far better way to start off your day, so put the car keys down and set off ten minutes earlier. It isn’t rocket science!

Find A Bargain

Is a coupon the last thing that springs to mind when you think of exercise? Don’t worry because the majority of people think this way. Indeed, it’s hard to see where discounts from Coupon Sherpa and other suppliers come into play. That is until you realize that they have discounts on pretty much anything and everything. If you want to join a gym, there is a coupon that you can claim. What about hooking up with a local sports team? Yep, they have that, too. Simply put, coupon suppliers have a range of bargains on sports and exercise equipment and activities. But, these people aren’t in the business of handing them out randomly. You have to be alert and keep a keen eye out for any that may come your way.

Play Free Sports

Joining a golf club is a pricey hobby. In fact, playing an odd round or two is pretty expensive. But, not every sport is as formal. As it turns out, there are sports which are very active that don’t cost a penny. Take tennis as an example. Just watching Wimbledon is enough to make most people sweat, so playing it is going to be intense. And, you can play it if you head down to the local courts. Almost every town and city has these, and they are free to use. All you have to do is find a partner and play until your heart’s content.

Change Your Diet

So, you’re not into your nutrition? Okay, that’s fine because lots of healthy people don’t obsess over what they eat. However, you should at least understand the link between diet and activity. In layman’s terms, you are what you eat because the body uses the food to power your muscles. Anyone that eats junk food, for example, is more prone to sit on the sofa watching TV and scratching their butt. However, those that eat plenty of fruits and vegetables are ready to tackle the day and get out of the house. The great thing about changing your diet is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, the majority of healthy meals can cost less than a couple of dollars if you get creative.

Drink Water

The idea of cutting out food isn’t a nice one, especially if you’re in a routine. So, you need a couple of tricks up your sleeve to get through the first few days. By far the best one is to drink as much water as possible. Why? It’s because water makes you feel full, and that feeling satiates hunger. Even better, there are absolutely no calories in water. As a result, it’s the perfect health aid as you can have as much as you want without having to worry. If it is too bland, add some fruit juice to make it taste better. As long as it doesn’t have lots of additives and sugars, there is nothing wrong with orange juice.


Your mood is another factor that affects your energy levels. As you know, the wrong mindset is enough to make you sit on the couch all day long pitying life. For obvious reasons, it’s essential to avoid this mental attitude as much as possible, and you can if you meditate. By sitting down and concentrating on nothing, the rigors and stresses of life should dissipate. After a session, the urge to enjoy life and do something productive will take over. Oh, and sitting on a yoga mat trying to find Zen doesn’t have to cost a penny. Seriously, there is no need for a mat if you’re comfortable on the floor. Try it a couple of times a week for the best results.

Now that you know the tricks of the trade, there is no excuse to be a couch potato.

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