Family Fun: 8 Ways to Keep the Family Entertained While Traveling

family vacation road trip

One of the best events of the year is being able to vacation with your family. Every parent looks forward to a relaxing and fun getaway just as much as the kids do. But sometimes, it’s inevitable for boredom or tantrums to happen. Regardless of how you travel, such as by car, plane, or train, and the age of your kids, the following eight ways are guaranteed to keep the family entertained while traveling:


Stop for sight-seeing

Embrace the tourist attractions and sight-seeing spots that are classic on a road trip itinerary. Expose everyone to new places because doing so is enriching and makes for some great photos. In fact, give your kids disposable cameras so they can snap moments for themselves too.


Share stories and have conversations

Traveling to a destination is a perfect excuse to catch up with the family and get to know your kids a little bit more. Whether your kids are in elementary school or teenagers, ask them about what goes on their lives. They will feel appreciated and acknowledged because you’re being intentional with your curiosity. Plus, this can make them more comfortable opening up to you. If anything, this is your chance to share your stories from youth and maybe give some adult insight if necessary!


Start a sing-along to the music or radio

Singing along to music is imperative on a road trip. Ask the kids and partner to compile their favorite songs and compile a playlist for them. This way, everyone can look forward to belting out a tune or simply enjoying their music with loved ones. Alternatively, you can listen to the radio and unanimously decide on a station.


Participate in travel games together

There are numerous travel games to choose from, such as “I Spy” for a plane trip or hunting for different license plates if driving around the States. Travel games start a lighthearted competition between members in the family and can even build teamwork skills. You would be surprised at how working in a team during a game can translate into other areas of life, such as school and the workplace.


Put on a movie or TV show

 In this day and age, people can easily access their favorite movies or TV shows with any technological device. Give your kids and the opportunity to kick back and watch them with a tablet, laptop, or phone. They can easily be distracted for two hours, for example, thus ensuring a smooth travel journey.


Encourage their inner artist

 Not all arts and crafts are messy! If your kids have an interest in drawing, encourage them to draw the surrounding environment in a sketchbook. This stimulates their creativity and challenges them to make the most out of their current inspiration. Plus, this can even kickstart a kid’s love for art in general.


Provide snacks

Last but not least, provide snacks as a form of entertainment. No matter a person’s age, they will get cranky when hungry. This is especially a situation you want to avoid if your children are younger and more prone to tantrums. Prepare an array of snacks for your kids to choose from and munch on during a long trip. Food always makes someone happy.


Prep the car

While this is not quite an active way to keep the family entertained, if it’s not done properly beforehand, you’ll be in quite a rough ride. In addition to having snacks, ensure that you have all the necessary equipment for a road trip: navigational tools, repair and first-aid kits and blankets, among other things. Also, make sure that the vehicle has had a recent oil change and been inspected by a mechanic prior to leaving. There’s no quicker way to instigate a tantrum from your child than by being stuck on the side of the road with nothing to do.


The next time a family trip is around the corner, make sure to follow the aforementioned tips to keep everyone entertained, happy, and in a great mood when traveling. Once you arrive at your destination, just embrace the time with your family and have fun making unforgettable memories!