Fashion Styles for Men On Date Night: 9 Outfit Ideas To Know

Ah, dating. It can be an exciting and exhausting time. You’re excited to meet new people, bond with someone, and just chat with someone about shared interests. But if you’re a guy, you know trying to impress your date can be exhausting

However, impressing your date is integral to dating success. And since 89% of dates call back after a good first date, first impressions matter the most. And this depends on the way you dress, aside from how you behave.

Don’t worry, you can focus on what to wear first before deciding what to say. Here is fashion style advice for men and 10 date outfit ideas.

1. Denim Jacket and T-Shirt

Are you going on a walk-in-the-park or coffee shop date? It’s important to dress casual yet sharp. This is where the denim jacket comes in, especially if it’s a chilly day outside.

Try and keep your outfit free of graphics, unless it’s novelty or interest you know your date shares. A plain white t-shirt is the best choice for this date. Pair the shirt with dark slacks or jeans and boots.

2. Blazer and Button-Down Shirt

What if you’re going to a fancy dinner? Take out the blazer and show off your classier side.

Match the blazer with a button-down shirt. Not only will you look sharp but you’ll look professional — which helps if you’re trying to show off your earnings to your date.

But your efforts will fail if your blazer doesn’t match your shirt. Read this guide to matching clothes to ensure you look well put together.

What if you’re going to a casual restaurant? You can still keep the blazer and button-down shirt trend going, just pair this ensemble with dark-washed jeans instead of dress slacks.

Don’t forget about your hair! Style your hair, trim your beard, and wear your best cologne.

3. Leather Jacket

Do you dig the greaser look? Even if you’re not John Travolta from Grease, you can still sport a leather jacket and look daring but posh.

A leather jacket with a t-shirt and jeans is always a good outfit choice, especially during cold evenings. If your leather jacket is a solid color, you can get away with sporting a print shirt, such as plaid or checkered.

4. Active Date Wear

Are you going on a running date or any date where you’re active? Comfort is key. Fortunately, you can look comfortable and stylish.

Start with a pullover sweater. These sweaters are warm but cleaner looking than a hoodie. If the weather is warmer, sport a tank top or a fitted t-shirt to show off your muscles.

For the sneakers, choose name brand ones if you have them. If not, then subtle sneakers that match the sweater are always a good idea. Keep the pants casual but still nice, such as black trousers.

5. Button-Down Shirt and Trousers

If you’re truly clueless about date outfits, the button-down shirt and trouser look are always classic. You don’t have to worry about a tie. If the weather is warm, you can leave the blazer and sweater at home.

However, the button-down and collared shirt will say so much about your appearance. You’ll look presentable for your date and you’ll be comfortable.

Trousers are also sharp and comfortable, matching perfectly with the button-down shirt.

What shoes should you wear? If you’re secretly not extremely fancy, loafers do the trick. You should also try and style your hair — at least brush and wash it.

6. Office Suit

All dates love the “I just left the office” look on a man. Even if you don’t wear a suit for your job, you can show up in a fancy suit and make it look like you do. Pick out your classiest suit or buy a new one.

If you’re looking for a formal look, choose black. If you want a trendy suit, choose neutral colors such as gray and even unique patterns, such as a patterned tie.

While leather dress shoes are the best, boots will also suffice if you’re truly not a suit-and-tie kind of man.

7. Winter Date

What if the weather is beyond cold — like blistering cold? If Netflix and chill is out of the question, you can meet up with your date and not freeze up.

Start by wearing a nice coat. A big coat that reaches the hips is always a good choice.

Choose a neutral color such as brown. When you and your date reach your destination, choose a neutral long-sleeve shirt or sweater to wear under the coat.

Jeans and boots or sneakers are always a good choice to match this simple yet warm outfit.

8. Mysterious Trench Coat

With the right style choice, you can make a trench coat look more mysterious and less goth. The trench coat is also perfect to wear if it’s cold outside.

Find a classy textured trench coat in a neutral color such as gray.

Match the trench coat with colored jeans and boots. Style your hair or wear a top hat to complete this outfit. For an added formal touch, wear a button-down vest over a tie.

9. Cardigan Time

Your date may not want you to always look formal and sharp. You should also think of ways you can look warm and fuzzy.

A cardigan is a perfect way to show off your softer side. And if it’s cold, you’ll look warm and comfortable — and your date may want to cuddle!

Wear a neutral or dark-colored cardigan with jeans. Match this outfit with boots. If the weather is extremely cold, wear a duffle coat or another comfortable jacket over the cardigan.

From Jackets to Blazers, These Fashion Styles for Men Are Perfect for a Date

While jeans and a t-shirt are always good date outfit choices, spice up your date ensemble with these fashion styles for men.

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