3 Activities To Secure You Some Alone Time On A Family Vacation

We all yearn for a bit of quality family time now and then. The easiest way to achieve this is by committing to an annual summer vacation with your brood. Kids grow up too fast nowadays and with social calendars busier than our own, it can be hard to pin your little darlings down for dinner, find a chance to have a chat about what they are up to, or even have a chance to see them every day even just for a moment. You might end up being like ships that pass in the night. To break this cycle, a summer holiday can give you the opportunity to spend some time together. However, if you go away for a couple of weeks to catch some rays, you might also find some time to pursue some solitary activities. This can give you a chance to refresh and recharge your own batteries.I


If you’re in need of some downtime and you are staying in a beautiful resort on some stunning Mediterranean or Caribbean island, you could find yourself partaking in a spot of fishing. Venture into town and there will be a whole host of fishing tour organizers eager for your business. Some will take you inland and have you basking in the sun under one of their many fishing shelters, and they’ll loan you some top of the range fishing gear. Relaxing by a river that you know you will never see again and waiting for the foreign fish to bite can be relaxing.

Alternatively, you could head out onto the open seas to try and hook a marlin. This requires more nerves of steel as you try and land the larger creatures without pulling a muscle.


Heading outside for a walk while the kids and your partner are sunning themselves on the loungers around the resort pool, can give you some much needed alone time. Walking is great for your physical health and mental well being. You can clarify your thoughts and enjoy observing new vistas at the same time. Take your smartphone with you having already downloaded some local walking routes and take a trek to the hills or a gentle stroll to the coast. Ensure that you have your walking boots on, plenty of water and a decent map, just so you are prepared should the worst happen.

Do What The Locals Do

If your family adore sticking to the resort and enjoy the entertainment in the hotel complex but you want to see more of the authentic side of the destination you have traveled to, consider following the locals. Some of the best eateries where you can sample the local cuisine don't have a Western tourist in sight. Often, this is because they don’t even have any signage out front. Go where the locals go, and follow the crowds. The more people, the better the food, the sights or the attractions will be. Simply meandering down authentic streets and sampling some of the street food can give you a real flavor of where you are holidaying.

Go on holiday for some quality family time, but never forget to take the opportunity to recharge your own batteries.