5 Men’s Fashion Mistakes You Could Be Making Inadvertently

While men’s fashion trends evolve more slowly than women’s, there are still plenty of interesting new changes every year. Even if you’re not too keen to follow trends and prefer to sport your own unique style, it helps to avoid the following fashion gaffes that many men end up making unknowingly.

Still wearing oversized dress shirts

They may look like they’re back in vogue, but they really aren’t.  Supersized shirts are a style of the past and if you have a few in your closet, give them away to a local charity where someone can make better use of them.

Baggy shirts, or any clothing for that matter, make a person look sloppy, careless, lazy and bigger than they really are. Whether you have a petite frame or big build, wearing shirts that are your true size and fit well around your shoulders and chest will make you look smarter, younger and well-dressed. The same principle applies to other clothing, such as pants and jackets. If you have oversized or ill-fitting clothes that you don’t want to part with, have them resized.

Using a tee as an undershirt

If you were aware of the difference a lightweight and well-fitting undershirt can make to your look, you would never again wear a t-shirt under a dress shirt. As t-shirts are meant to be worn as outerwear, they are bulkier and don’t drape your body the way an undershirt does. The article “ T-Shirt vs Undershirt: Top 9 Ways They Are Different ” from Ribbed Tee explains that a good undershirt is meant to protect men’s clothing from getting sweaty or smelly.

Indeed, the primary function of an undershirt is to act like a sweat barrier between your good shirts and your skin. But, aside from preventing sweat marks and smelly armpits, it also gives you a better silhouette and conceals chest hair and flaws, making you look more refined and neatly dressed.

If you’ve been wearing white t-shirts under your clothes, it’s time to step up and invest in quality undershirts in basic colors.

Wearing sports socks with dress shoes

Athletic socks are designed to be worn with sports shoes when you’re doing a physical activity that causes sweating. They’re made of thicker, absorbent material that absorbs sweat and keeps your feet stink-free to an extent. When you choose to wear white socks with your leather shoes or boots, you draw unwanted negative attention to your attire. This fashion faux pas can make you look careless and unprofessional.

Anyone can run out of dress socks when they least expect it, or an instant business trip can come up where you need to take along a few pairs. An easy way to avoid this situation is to buy a few more pairs of quality dress socks so you won’t have to resort to wearing athletic socks to work. Moreover, good formal socks will last longer and won’t lose shape after a few washes.

Giving up shorts because you’re too old for them

You probably picked up this fashion advice from a magazine or blog post, or perhaps someone pointed it out to you. However, this is one style tip you can choose to ignore. Shorts are such a respite from full-sized bottom wear and it would be a crime to give them up for any reason. Moreover, they come in all sorts of styles, so there is plenty of choices whether you’re a casual dresser or trend-watcher.

These days, shorts are being paired with almost anything, including well-cut jackets. So bring out those nice shorts you haven’t worn in a long time or buy a couple of fun patterns to reintroduce a light and youthful vibe into your wardrobe.

Buying cheap underwear off the internet

If you’re doing this, you probably are unaware of how much the fit and quality of your underclothing affects your style. It all happens so subconsciously that you may not even know you’re being affected. Many men keep wearing the same briefs for years, not realizing there are better options out there in high-quality fabrics that won’t leave you with sweat stink or skin rash by the end of the day.

Good briefs are affordable; they last longer, fit better and feel better on the skin. Wearing quality underthings will give you a better silhouette and make you feel better as you go about your day. There is a reason women like to wear nice lingerie—try it and you’re bound to feel the psychological effect of wearing good under clothing.