How A Drinking Horn Is The Coolest Dad Present

Drinking horns were the drinking vessels from thousands of years ago. Before modern cups, such as glass and ceramic, were a thing, people drank using horns. If occasions such as Father’s Day, Christmas, or your dad’s birthday is coming up, you might want to consider giving him a drinking horn as a present because of the following reasons:

 It’s Unique 

A drinking horn is not a common item you’ll see in the aisles of department stores. You’ll mostly find the usual household glasses and mugs, but drinking horns are a rare find. It could be a cool present for your dad because, surely, it’s something that he doesn’t see or use often. If he loves drinking, he’ll appreciate a drinking horn, which he can use every time he’d like a drink. 

Every dad is unique, and you can show him how much you love the way he loves and takes care of you by also giving him something out of the ordinary. 

It’s Customizable 

A drinking horn for a present is already unique in itself as there aren’t many people who use those. Most people who drink use mugs or don’t use any at all and drink their beverages straight out of the bottle. But drinking horns are also starting to gain some popularity, and one way to make them extra special is by customizing them. 

Drinking horns are customizable. A lot of sellers offer custom prints or engravings when you buy from them. You can have your dad’s name engraved on his drinking horn to show his ownership. You can even put a special message, or maybe a cliché dad joke to make him laugh every time he drinks from it. 

It’s Affordable 

For something as unusual as drinking horns, one might think that it could be costly. But it isn’t. Drinking horns may be a few dollars more than the average mugs that you’ll see in departments stores and online, but the price is worth it. Most drinking horns usually cost around 40-70 USD. 

You can use a drinking horn repeatedly, so the price is not bad. It won’t cause a massive dent in your bank account. You won’t even need to ask your dad or mom for money to buy the present because you can save up for that amount. 

It’s Reusable 

The world is slowly being engulfed by trash. Sooner or later, we may become overwhelmed by garbage, and we’ll see more of it than land. We already see lots of animals that die because they accidentally eat plastics or they get trapped in six-pack rings. If your dad is an environmentalist who loves drinking, drinking horns are a perfect present. 

By using drinking horns, they won’t have to use disposable cups whenever they drink. They might even opt to buy liquors by the bottle instead of buying six packs. That way, they won’t have to get the plastic rings. Plus, glass bottles are recyclable, so they’re good for the environment, too. 

It’s Easy To Clean 

Dads are usually busy with a lot of work, especially if they’re the breadwinner of the family. And let’s face it: most men aren’t too keen on doing chores such as washing the dishes. If he’s an avid drinker, he might resort to using disposable cups to make things easier for him instead of having to wash every time he uses glasses or mugs. 

Drinking horns need washing, too, but it’s not really that complicated despite their pointed tips. Sloshing it with warm water and soap should be enough to clean it off. Besides, if your dad owns something as unique and exciting as a drinking horn, he’ll be glad to take care of it like it’s his most prized possession. 

Its Shows Appreciation For Viking Or Nordic Culture 

Vikings were seafarers, marauders, and traders back in the day. When you think of them, the first things that come to mind usually involve big bulky men covered in fur. Nowadays, men are a lot more civilized. 

Drinking from a drinking horn may let your dad feel as tough as a Viking since he can partake of their culture even if it simply means consuming beverages from a drinking horn. But still, if your dad wants to unwind sometimes from the formal civilized world of suits and offices, he can drink his alcohol using horns. Just remind him that being manly doesn’t mean being irresponsible. Tell him to drink only by his means and never to drink and drive to prevent the consequences afterward. 

Final Thoughts 

Drinking horns are a cool present for your father. You don’t even have to wait for a special occasion to give him a gift. A spontaneous gift can be an excellent way for you to show him that you love him, and that seeing it reminded you of him. It’s not only suitable for drinking, but it can also be a good piece of decor to remember you by whenever he sees it.